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You can’t treat fashion like other eCommerce businesses.

Your brand is unique. You deserve a partner who can use your brand’s personality to your advantage with tailored and long-term strategies

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  • Better Conversion Rate
  • Higher ROAS
  • Lower CPA
  • More Leads
  • More total revenue
  • More Traffic
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Lead Generation 3 Google campaign: turning $1,043 into $18,600 of sales


Boba Barista Featured Image
Lead Generation 3 $124,858 in sales in 3 months

Boba Barista

Performance 58.4% increase in sales YOY

Alias Mae

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Lead Generation 3 Month 1: $15,250 made from $6,000

NPA Events

Performance 114% increase in sales

Kat the Label

Lead Generation 3 354% increase in marketing-attributed sales (2021 to 2020)

Squeak Design

home new original leaf e1572993818807
Split 202k+ traffic

No Pong

options1car copy
Performance 105% increase in sales

VCM Performance

Makedo Success Spotlight YT Thumb
Lead Generation 3 Made US$1.4m over BFCM


66 Fit scaled
Performance Spent $50,865 and made $379,918


Droneit LANDSCAPE Success Spotlight
Lead Generation 3 Made $250k in 6 weeks


ABC2VCE website 83
Lead Generation 3 Overhauled the entire customer journey


Lead Generation 3 $0-200K revenue in first month


IMG 0124 e1635290862108
Lead Generation 3 73% decrease in Cost Per Acquisition


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Lead Generation 3 27% CTR Increase


Lead Generation 3 Tailor-made landing pages

Azolla Certified

Screen Shot 2022 10 20 at 1.24.53 pm
Lead Generation 3 372% Increase in Conversion Rate


Lead Generation 3 183% Increase in Total Revenue

Deja Marc

Lead Generation 3 1 Billion+ Flexible Rewards Points


Screen Shot 2023 04 12 at 5.25.32 pm
Lead Generation 3 Training studio went from 50% capacity to 100% capacity

Core Foundations Training

GUESTPIX Feature Images Success SpotlightLANDSCAPE scaled
Lead Generation 3 300k Guests and counting


happi earth case study 1
Megaphone Marketing 15k+ increase in email database

Happi Earth

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Performance Spent $30,208 and made $271,750

Retro Print Merchants

Lead Generation 3 Google campaign: turning $1,043 into $18,600 of sales
Performance Increased sales by 156%.
Results 12+x ROAS consistently
Megaphone Marketing Scaled internationally, entering Canadian and NZ markets
Bescher Phone
Lead Generation 3 $124,858 in sales in 3 months
Performance Total sales increased 2,617%
Results Web traffic increased 1,790%
Social Media Marekting Icon Returning customers increased 212%
Boba Barista Case Study Detail Iphone Mockup
Performance 58.4% increase in sales YOY
Megaphone Marketing 80% increase in email subscribers YOY
Lead Generation 3 4% increase in CTR YOY
Results 66.7% increase in website sessions YOY
Alias Mae Hero
Lead Generation 3 Month 1: $15,250 made from $6,000
Performance ROAS increase month-on-month
Results Sitting on a consistent 4-5x return
Megaphone Marketing Smashed long-term revenue goal
Npa Case Study Phone
Performance 114% increase in sales
Megaphone Marketing 11,000+ email subscribers
Social Advertising 913% ROAS
Kat The Label Hero
Lead Generation 3 354% increase in marketing-attributed sales (2021 to 2020)
Performance Holistic growth: from start-up to six figures
Split Successful pivot to avoid Covid reductions
Squeak Iphone Mockup
Split 202k+ traffic
Social 13k+ increase in Instagram Followers
Performance 25,900+ orders
No Pong Hero
Performance 105% increase in sales
Social Advertising $1 million in sales attributed to our ads.
Results 14x Return on ad spend
Vcm Performance Hero
Lead Generation 3 Made US$1.4m over BFCM
Performance 11.17x return on Meta
Results 17.21x return on Google
Megaphone Marketing Achieved record-breaking months
Case Study Detail Iphone Mockup
Performance Spent $50,865 and made $379,918
Megaphone Marketing 7.47 ROAS (increased by 28%)
Lead Generation 3 67% increase in conversion value
Results 33% increase in conversion rate
66fit Hero
Lead Generation 3 Made $250k in 6 weeks
Performance 8.7x return on Meta
Results 4.7x return on Google
Megaphone Marketing Achieved record-breaking months
Case Study Iphone Droneit
Lead Generation 3 Overhauled the entire customer journey
Performance 100% increase in business efficiency
Results $100k in new “cold” leads ready to pounce on
Megaphone Marketing 120% boost in leads in 60 days
Lead Generation 3 $0-200K revenue in first month
Performance $2 million revenue in 7 months
Results 4x ROAS
Megaphone Marketing 1,863 conversions with a $16.19 CPA
Silvi Hero
Lead Generation 3 73% decrease in Cost Per Acquisition
Performance 205% increase in sales
Results 120% increase in website purchases
Social Advertising 285% increase in ROAS
Rochway Iphone Mockup
Lead Generation 3 27% CTR Increase
Performance 66% Increase in Total Revenue
Results 38% Increase in Recurring Customer Rate
Megaphone Marketing 40% Decrease in Cost-per-Purchase
Case Study Phone Goalrilla
Lead Generation 3 Tailor-made landing pages
Performance 5-point brand elevation plan rollout
Results Successful Meta ads to LinkedIn ads pivot
Megaphone Marketing Full CRM Integration
Case Study Detail Iphone Mockup
Lead Generation 3 372% Increase in Conversion Rate
Performance 645% Increase in ROAS
Results 683% Increase in Purchases
Megaphone Marketing Improved Consistency of Sales
Sensoriam Case Study Detail Iphone Mockup
Lead Generation 3 183% Increase in Total Revenue
Performance $237k in Black Friday Sales (2022)
Results 188% Increase in Total Orders
Megaphone Marketing 91% Increase in Recurring Customer Rate
Deja Marc Case Study Detail Iphone Mockup
Lead Generation 3 1 Billion+ Flexible Rewards Points
Performance Grown from start-up to 40+ team
Results Successful TikTok launch
Megaphone Marketing B2B outreach overhaul
Pay Phone Mockup
Lead Generation 3 Training studio went from 50% capacity to 100% capacity
Performance Revenue increased by 60% in the first 12 months
Results Maintained the same cost per lead throughout the year while scaling
Megaphone Marketing More leads allowed for the expansion of our services: Infrared Sauna
Case Study Iphone Core Foundations
Lead Generation 3 300k Guests and counting
Performance 3 million photos shared
Results Launched 7 marketing channels
Megaphone Marketing Featured in The SUN & 7News through an incentivised PR strategy
Guestpix Iphone Mockup
Megaphone Marketing 15k+ increase in email database
Social 14k+ increase in Instagram followers
Performance 200+ orders generated
Happi Earth Hero
Performance Spent $30,208 and made $271,750
Megaphone Marketing 8.99x ROAS with a $16.19 CPA
Lead Generation 3 245% increase in sales
Results 224% increase in traffic
Retro Print Merchants Hero
  • Baby & Maternity
  • Fashion & Accessories
  • SAAS
  • Homewares
  • Skincare
  • Technology & Games
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Furytail Sale 1
Ad1 X2
Alkira Ingredients
Botanika Blends Comp 1

We live and breathe business. And our in-house creative team live and breathe fashion. All combined, you get brilliant, scroll-stopping ads that bring in sales and help you clear stock.

Asset 23@2x

Looking at REAL fashion accounts

Turning $444k into $4.5 million 🔥

Tom from Google runs through two different fashion clients. One spending 400k, the other spending $1,400.

Whether you spend big or small, our X team can use Y to get you showstopping results

play white Text Alignment On The Right Margin Blue (3)

$20k to $150k per month

One of the ways we were able to achieve these fantastic numbers was by creating bundles and offering “gift with purchase”. This took the AOV from $25 to over $70

play white Image4

More testing = more sales

When this client came on board they had a lack of creative testing. We increased the level of videos, catalogues and collection ads to improve results and acheive the client’s goal ROAS.

play white Influencer

We put the power of the internet in your corner, helping you show up in search results where it matters most: before your competitors.

68% of online experiences begin with a search engine. And only 0.63% of Google user click on  the second page. That’s why you can’t overlook SEO

Group 5
Google Ads

As a Top 3% Google Premier Partner, we’re guided directly by Google HQ, and we spend $10m per month on Google Ads.

Our innovation-obsessed Google Team lives and breathes Google Ads – which means that your ads and strategies are always a step ahead of the competition.

Meta Ads

Your ads are optimised 24/7, to get you the best results, faster. As a Premier Meta Partner, we know the secret sauce of effective creative testing, and we pass those learnings directly on to you.

During last year’s holiday period, we made $22.8m from just $3m ad spend, with Meta as a core component.

Email & SMS Marketing

Email marketing generates a 36 to 1 ROI. You get access to Megaphone’s in-house Design Team, creative marketing experts who receive first-in-line updates directly from Klaviyo HQ,

As experts in high-converting email and SMS, you don’t just get a highly engaged audience, you get sales.

Group 19
TikTok Content Creation

Megaphone is a Gold Academy TikTok Partner and houses Australia’s first organic-to-paid TikTok growth service.

Anyone can make videos that goes viral. Only we can make videos that go viral and skyrocket your sales numbers.. We’ve taken countless TikTok brands from 0 to 10m+ views in a matter of months.

Programmatic Ads

High-tech Programmatic Ads are merely one of the tools we use that have helped us grow 21+ brands to over $10m. Are you next?

Programmatic Ads are predicted to account for 30% of digital outdoor advertising spend in 2025. If you don’t adapt now, competitors could get ahead.

🏆 Voted 2023’s Marketing Agency of the Year

Screenshot 2023 08 24 115741 play white

“When Megaphone came along, sales picked up. It’s meant that I could really get back to what I enjoy doing.”

Pip, founder @ Squeak

Screenshot 2023 08 24 114153 play white

“We’re seeing consistent a ROAS of between 7 and 9, which is very good for our industry.”

Megaphone has been fabulous opening doors, and putting a lot of new faces in front of Eva’s Sunday.

It’s given me back the time to do what I’m good at, where I can add value.

Nik, Founder @ Eva’s Sunday

Screen Shot 2023 04 12 at 5.25.32 pm play white

“If you know your business; with their expertise, you become dangerous.”

What Megaphone has brought to the table is a better quality lead, which leads to really good conversions.

It frees up my time to be way more effective in my business.

Regan, Founder @ Core Foundations

Screenshot 2023 08 24 125253 play white

“Since partnering with Megaphone, monthly revenue results have tripled. And we’re only just getting started.”

Carla Groves, Co-founder @ GuestPix

Screenshot 2023 08 24 114805 play white

“We’ve seen so many new donations and leads come through, and many people signing up to our education program.”

Hannie, Brand and Content Manager @ OzHarvest

Screenshot 2023 08 24 115133 play white

“It was really important to me that I could trust what these guys were actually doing.”

They really overdelivered. Our leads have gone up by 10x.

Screenshot 2023 08 24 115536 play white

“From my experience with a lot of different agencies, Megaphone’s the only one that’s actually delivered on their promises.”

They went to work on testing a bunch of different creatives… our sales doubled to record-breaking months.

Our clients share their incredible experiences

What is your approach to growing e-commerce sales?

When we first begin working on your campaigns, we focus on creating the best possible ad creatives and copy, testing all possible variations and combinations until we find a “winning formula” resulting in ads that convert to sales with your target audience. 

Throughout this process, we’re constantly leveraging powerful data to optimise your campaigns day in and day out, to achieve the highest possible ROI. But it doesn’t end there! Once we know what creative angles, imagery and ad copy work best for your business, we are constantly innovating and finding new ways to improve our results even further. Yes, running successful paid ad campaigns is our area of expertise, but we know that it takes more than great ads to consistently generate amazing results. We ensure that your website is set up to be super high converting, and make sure that your offer is attractive enough to drive the sales that you need. We’re also constantly adapting our strategy to what’s going on in the world around us. What trends can we leverage? What messaging will our target market likely respond to in this moment in time? This holistic, results-hungry approach to our campaigns is what makes Megaphone different to other agencies, and is what ultimately leads to consistent results. 

What makes Megaphone different to other agencies?

With countless awards and endless positive client testimonials for not only our digital genius, but also our client relations, Megaphone isn’t your typical digital agency. We want to prove our value to you every single month, and that’s why we’re so confident in providing flexible contracts to our clients. While most agencies will lock you in for a 12 month contract, we only ask for a 3 month commitment. This is because we know that we can prove our value and drive results within this short period of time.

We aren’t a ‘burn and churn’ agency, and we know that the success of our clients also determines the success of Megaphone itself. We exist to create value for businesses, and we always give it everything we’ve got in doing so. We genuinely see ourselves as an extension of your team – working in the business, not merely for the business. 

Every single Megaphone account manager has a passion for creating amazing results for businesses through digital marketing, equipped with a killer skillset, ready to execute. We only hire the best of the best, so you can rest easy knowing that your marketing is in the best hands. With a team of 60+ digital marketing professionals with a huge variety of industry exposure and expertise, you have the entire team’s knowledge at your disposal, not just your account manager. All higher level strategic moves are discussed with execs and approved by our very best marketers. Not only this, but we won’t rest until we know that we are doing everything we possibly can to make it work – and once it does, we are always asking ourselves how we can innovate to make results even better into the future. 

How do you price your services?

Megaphone is a full service digital marketing agency, which means that we provide a range of different services, strategies and work across various digital platforms. We focus on a very holistic and tailored approach to your marketing and your business! As such, our pricing can vary depending on the scope and scale of your marketing strategy. We want to partner with you to create a strategy that will not only generate the best results and help you achieve your goals, but will support your brand and work within your budget.

Have you worked with a business like mine?

Megaphone has worked with a multitude of different product and service industries, from food, beverage and fashion, to educational and financial services. We’re experts in driving sales and leads for almost any type of business, but if you’d like to know if we have experience in working with your industry, reach out here!

Why should I go with an agency over in-house?

We believe that any thriving business should focus on what they do best, because ultimately, they’re the experts in that field. At Megaphone, we’re truly the experts in driving amazing paid advertising results for e-commerce and service businesses. Let the experts handle your marketing, while you focus on running your business. With a team of 60+ people with a myriad of creative minds and experience, you actually have a whole team working on your marketing strategy, every single day.

What size businesses do you typically work with? Big or small?

We work with clients with advertising budgets as small as $3k, to budgets as large as $250k a month. We know how to profitably manage and scale ad spend, big or small. We have worked with many businesses in their startup phase, and are highly experienced in significantly scaling sales for these businesses. We have many clients who have been with us for years, who continue to see growth in sales every single month. On the other hand, we also work with established businesses who are ready to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on advertising every month. 

What can digital marketing do for my business?

Digital marketing allows you to reach your ideal target audience in the right place, at the right time. Digital platforms like Facebook and Google house extremely powerful, valuable data that allows you to locate and connect with people who are the most likely to buy your product or service. Digital paid ads are a fantastic way to reach new customers, but are also a means by which you can reach existing customers, reminding and incentivising them to buy from you again. Through running digital campaigns, you can acquire valuable consumer behaviour data on your target market, which contributes to enhanced campaign performance the longer you run paid ads. The cost to advertise on these platforms is also cheaper than traditional marketing methods, while also being more effective. 

Where is your team located?

Megaphone’s HQ is located in Melbourne, Australia, with offices also in Sydney, Auckland, California, and we’re growing very quickly! We do our best to pair you with an account manager close to your location, so that we can align time zones as best as possible and provide the opportunity to meet face to face when needed. 

How do I get started?

If you’d like to have a chat with one of our friendly team members about working with Megaphone, reach out here!


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