Case Study Phone Goalrilla
Lead Generation 3 27% CTR Increase
Performance 66% Increase in Total Revenue
Results 38% Increase in Recurring Customer Rate
Megaphone Marketing 40% Decrease in Cost-per-Purchase
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Case Study Laptop Goalrilla


Trademarked as The Toughest Basketball System on the Planet, Goalrilla is an Australia-based business that sells a wide range of high-quality basketball ring setups.

When Goalrilla approached Megaphone in March 2021, they wanted Megaphone to rocket them to industry leader status. They wanted to leave their competitors (one of which was quickly growing) playing catch-up, with intelligent creative angles and strategic media buying to quickly find their market share.

Goalrilla had a traditional business structure that migrated into eCommerce, and they were handling their own marketing. But they knew that getting more sales required more innovation and more expertise — they needed a full-service marketing agency who focused on the long-term. Enter Megaphone, who stood out from the other agencies because of the holistic, all-under-one-roof approach.


To separate Goalrilla from its competitors, we needed to understand every detail of the business, and every detail of its competitors’ businesses too. 

Firstly, our Data Strategists analysed the ins and outs of current and past customers. We learned why customers bought, in which situations, and what they were truly needing and wanting. And we discovered the USPs that resonated best with basketball fans.

We used these new audience insights to visualise real “problems”. Our marketing campaigns then painted Goalrilla’s products as the solution. Goalrilla was no longer a “want” – it was a “need”.

Digging into the specifics, our Google Team tested different bidding strategies. This ensured we appeared in front of as many  relevant viewers as possible, and also meant that Goalrilla could rank competitively on highly-qualified keywords — in other words, appear higher on Google search pages when it actually mattered. 

To keep the momentum going and the business growing,  we continually ran A/B tests on audiences, creatives and copy. We scoured the data, focused on rolling out new split tests every month, and iterated on each successful ad. This has enabled us to continuously improve results while learning more about our audience’s buying habits every day. 

Simultaneously, we wanted to ensure that no sales were being left on the table when visitors landed on the website. With strong CRO principles front of mind, we redesigned the interface to streamline the purchase journey and make the user experience as efficient and straightforward as possible.

Megaphone marketing
Megaphone’s Head of Growth and Creative Performance Executive working on strategies


In less than two years, Megaphone has helped Goalrilla far exceed its own expectations and the POC is over the moon. 

The results speak for themselves: compared to the same 30-day period 12 months earlier, total revenue, total orders and recurring customer rate have increased 66%, 44% and 38% respectively. 

We’ve seen an 11.22% conversion increase after launching the Megaphone-built website. The new layout has helped increase AOV 13% simultaneously.

Looking at specific ad platforms, the creative testing approach to Goalrilla’s Meta ads have paid huge dividends. More engaging, scroll-stopping visuals sparked a 27% CTR (click-through rate) uptick. Trust-building copy welcomed a 32% increase in CVR (conversion rate). Better media buying structures allowed for a 76% ROAS increase and 40% decrease in cost-per-purchase.

On Google, smart spending habits paved the way for an 18% ROAS increase, 20% decrease in cost-per-click, and 5% decrease in cost-per-purchase.

What’s next?

Megaphone will keep targeting new customers through paid advertising channels. We’ll forever optimise, innovate and test so that Goalrilla remains the public’s #1 brand when they think of basketball hoops. 

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