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No Pong is an all natural and extremely effective deodorant designed to do exactly what it says on the tin. The challenge for Megaphone was to raise awareness of the brand, convincing potential customers to make the switch from the alternatives with significantly larger market share. They wanted to communicate that No Pong is not just better for the environment, but a safer, healthier and more convenient option for their everyday routine without the additional price tag that often comes with natural products.

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In order to grow the brand and sales, we set up a 3-stage Facebook funnel designed to engage potential customers, tell them the No Pong story and drive sales.

Keeping the authenticity of a small brand is an important factor for No Pong, so we leveraged Instagram and our currently engaged audiences which were not being utilised previously.

We also opened up the pool of potential customers by segmenting our audiences and effectively scaling No Pong’s market impression share.

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Through continuous split testing of ad creative, placement and type, intelligently segmenting audiences and creating a customer focused funnel, we were able to significantly scale No Pong’s online sales and grow their Australian market share.

This success in Australia has now seen the brand and our marketing efforts expand to international markets.