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Lead Generation 3 300k Guests and counting
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Megaphone Marketing Featured in The SUN & 7News through an incentivised PR strategy
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Meet the Business

Born out of South Australia, digital photo gallery platform GUESTPIX was created to remove the hassle of photo sharing for guests at events.

There were too many social media apps – and the reliance on event-specific hashtags made sharing beautiful memories a cumbersome task. So, the GUESTPIX team built a simple QR code solution that collects the original resolution images and videos on behalf of the host, and allows guests to see them in one place.

What sets GUESTPIX apart is its user-friendly platform, designed to cater to anyone, regardless of their technical abilities or age. Whether you’re a tech-savvy millennial or a seasoned event organiser, GUESTPIX ensures that every special moment is captured and stored in a beautiful private photo gallery.

“Building out a marketing team can be really expensive and so using the expertise of a company like Megaphone will allow you to achieve your results at a fraction of the cost.”

The Journey To Success

After launching in 2022, the platform has gained global momentum collecting over 3 million photos from guests within its first 13 months. The main use case? Weddings, of course. 

The no-app, digital platform was born out of the frustration experienced attending events and trying to share media with others at scale.

“What’s impressed us most is their open and honest communication style from the beginning — Megaphone have been very transparent and have been able to work with us just like they’re a part of our team. And for that, we’re really grateful.”

Now, thanks to GUESTPIX, event organisers (and their guests) can easily create a  private digital guestbook – full of photos, videos and messages – that’s only accessible to event guests.

“It had become really difficult to collect photos and videos unless your entire guest list is on the same platform”, says Warwick Groves, co-founder of GUESTPIX. 

“So we created a really simple-to-use platform that doesn’t require an app download or registration and collects all the photos and videos into a fun digital guestbook that can be downloaded in a simple zip file for the host.” 

“Working with Megaphone Marketing has helped give us time back so we can develop the best product possible for our customers whilst knowing that our digital marketing needs are in the right hands.”

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What’s Next For GUESTPIX?

The brand aims to be seen as a global leader in the digital photo gallery platform market, providing a safe, reliable and efficient way to collect precious moments that anyone can use conveniently.

With Megaphone by their side, the team is confident that through digital advertising platforms, they can not only achieve their lofty growth goals, but blow them out of the water.

Megaphone has already helped GUESTPIX land publicity in The SUN & 7News – just the first step in what is sure to be a remarkable journey ahead.

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“I recommend working with Megaphone because they’ve delivered amazing results for our business in such a short period of time. It’s fantastic that we have access to a broad range of professionals who are all experts in their field.”

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