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Home to Australia’s greatest marketers, creatives and strategists, not only do we know we’ve got the brightest minds engineering our digital strategies… but the industry does, too.

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6 reasons to choose Megaphone:

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Bigger, better, bolder.

Creative needs to be extraordinary. It’s in the name. With tailored content borne from a collaboration of some of the brightest talents in the industry, your message will echo far and wide – and leave an impact.

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The missing piece of your business.

Using market research and audience insight, we identify exactly where your business is positioned, and where it needs to be. Dynamic creative strategy nets you tangible, trackable growth.

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Data in a big way.

Superficial creative is only good for awards. Everything we do is underpinned by a massive infrastructure of proven analytical data, built after years and years of testing and refinement. Informed decisions drive results.

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Proven track record.

What we do is complicated. Why we’re the best is not. #1 rated on Clutch, industry-leading results, and a 96% retention rate – that’s the Megaphone difference. Satisfied clients and transparent relationships have built us an outstanding reputation.

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Open, proactive customer service.

Offering full access to all of your accounts and full visibility of the services you’re paying for, our open and proactive communication gives you long term assurance and peace of mind.

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Better partnerships, higher trust.

Our partnerships are truly ROI focused. Why? With shorter terms and lower set-up fees, the pressure is on us to generate more results sooner. We simply need to work harder for you.


What is content marketing?

Content marketing is the process of strategising, creating and executing high-quality content that showcases your brand, product or service in a highly valuable, relevant and engaging way. Content marketing covers informative, educational and branded content, from blogs to content creation, content writing, email marketing and more.

How will content marketing help my business?

Through a tailored content marketing strategy, businesses can define and showcase their personality through the creation of a highly-engaging, personable and relatable written and visual language. A long-term strategy for acquiring and educating new customers, content marketing helps to build trust, establish and nurture communities and drive a stronger customer retention rate. When used in tandem with a paid ads strategy, content marketing provides another touchpoint along the customer journey to converting.

Why is Megaphone my best choice?

Beyond industry-leading results, our customer service is second to none. We pride ourselves on open, proactive communication and forming strong relationships with our clients to ensure we’re not only delivering stellar results in the short term, but are setting them up for long-term, scalable success – reflected in our 96% client retention rate and hundreds of 5-star client reviews.

Have you worked with a business like mine?

Megaphone has worked with thousands of businesses of all sizes and scale, across a large range of industries, so chances are we’ve worked with a business like yours and delivered great results. Our data-focused strategies for sales and leads ensures we’re always able to uncover what’s required to generate great results. Check out some of our case studies here.

How does the Megaphone team work with my business?

Megaphone takes pride in building strong, transparent relationships with our clients. With live reporting available, regular phone calls and updates on campaign performance, we proactively communicate what the focus is from week to week; establishing open, two-way communication and trust in knowing the team will do whatever it takes to get the best possible results.

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