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Lead Generation 3 Google campaign: turning $1,043 into $18,600 of sales
Performance Increased sales by 156%.
Results 12+x ROAS consistently
Megaphone Marketing Scaled internationally, entering Canadian and NZ markets
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Queensland-based Bescher is an innovative, luxury skincare brand using Sea Cucumber Collagen to deliver extraordinary results for its customers. Founded by Renee Alyce, the business already had a strong industry presence — she approached Megaphone in Q3 2022 looking to scale the brand as much as possible, increase the international presence, and dive head-first into the wonderful world of Google’s Performance Max.

Bescher needed a minimum 5x ROAS to hit breakeven, while keeping the cost per new customer under $70. In simple terms, ads needed to be stellar and the budgets needed to be distributed perfectly.

Since the partnership began, Bescher’s sales have exploded. They’ve scaled internationally, entering Canadian, Singapore, Hong Kong and New Zealand markets; and have been able to invest more into their operations thanks to top-tier Google Ads sales.


Bescher’s founder came to Megaphone wanting the expertise of the Megaphone Google Team (a top 3% Google Premier Partner) on her side when she launched her Google Performance Max strategies.

We knew there was enormous potential for Bescher on Google, and other platforms, but before running any new strategies we first applied the Megaphone best-practice principles to optimise what was already running. This involved steps like rewriting ad copy to incorporate higher converting angles and call-outs, building out the ‘segmented keywords’ Google Ads method, improving the targeting in the Dynamic Search Ads campaigns, and optimised all of the bidding strategies to make sure money was being distributed as effectively as possible.

However, it wasn’t without challenges. We faced two particular roadblocks that forced the Marketing Strategists and Google Team to think outside of the box. 

The first was the lack of keyword traffic for relevant keywords (for international audiences). To overcome this, we created a new Dynamic Search Ads campaign that harnessed all of the existing data and insights.

The second hurdle was the timeline – pre-Black Friday. Consumers weren’t spending as much, waiting in anticipation for Cyber Weekend. Fully aware of this, we tailored our strategies, messaging and creatives to be applicable for both immediate sales and long-term conversions – and it worked a treat.


Results and improvements were instant.

By taking Bescher onto Performance Max and optimising their existing ads and campaigns across Google, Facebook and more, Megaphone was able to knock it out of the park. We achieved a consistent 12x+ ROAS while scaling spend by over 100% (per month). The goal of $70 per new customer was obliterated, achieving $15 CPAs.

Diving further into the sales numbers, just halfway through Q4, during the hype of Black Friday, we managed to make $85,775 from just $6,907 in ad spend on Google alone, making up just a small portion of the overall sales during that period. At the time of writing, we’re just over halfway through the quarter, and have already increased sales by 156%.

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What’s Next for Bescher?

After the wild success of 2022, launching into Canadian and New Zealand markets, we have our sights set even higher. The next step is for Bescher to enter Hong Kong and Singapore, two locales that have shown their potential with high conversion rates in Google Analytics.

As Bescher continues to grow under Megaphone’s guidance, we’ll expand into new platforms, continue testing new angles, and continually optimise Performance Max campaign elements to leave no stone unturned.

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