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Performance 58.4% increase in sales YOY
Megaphone Marketing 80% increase in email subscribers YOY
Lead Generation 3 4% increase in CTR YOY
Results 66.7% increase in website sessions YOY
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Since its establishment in 2011, Alias Mae has evolved to become one of Australia’s leading women’s footwear brands, providing luxury designs at an accessible price point. Based in Melbourne, Alias Mae partnered with Megaphone in 2016 to grow their online store and establish themselves in the digital space.

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To achieve Alias Mae’s business goals, Megaphone needed to establish the brand’s foothold in the retail industry through a tailored social media strategy that positioned them as thought-leaders in the womenswear space.

In order to overcome competitive prices, the team engineered trust-building campaigns that created hype and reassured the quality of Alias Mae products through the use of influencer and user-generated content (UGC).

Additionally, Megaphone identified an opportunity to increase ad spend to further grow the brand and reach new customers. In hand with an ongoing competition strategy to increase email and social followers, the team scaled ad spend 4x and ensured Alias Mae released key styles ahead of their competitors to increase brand loyalty.

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When Alias Mae first came onboard they were fresh to the ecommerce industry. Through a scalable social media strategy, Megaphone were able to launch the brand into the digital space and continue to consistently grow it in the five years of working together, resulting in a 921.8% increase in monthly sales from August 2016 to August 2021.

In the past year alone, Megaphone scaled Alias Mae’s ad spend by 4x and still achieved solid year on year growth, delivering a 58.4% increase in sales, 4% increase in click-through rate (CTR), a 33.6% increase in Instagram followers and a 33.7% increase in Google Ads ROAS.

By working with Megaphone, Alias Mae has been able to realise their full online potential, expand operations to the US market and become wholesale partners of leading Australian retailers, David Jones and Revolve.

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