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Amazon’s 1st full-service agency


Brands scaled to over $2 million


Brands scaled to over $10 million


Brands scaled to over $100 million


Top 3% Google Premier Partner


2023’s Top Digital Marketing Company

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With Amazon HQ in your back pocket, the sky’s the limit

Megaphone is an official Amazon registered service provider. That means you get your very own account manager at Amazon HQ that will help you optimise your account and troubleshoot.

First-class service and a fast-track ticket to sales.

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Looking at REAL Amazon accounts

How does it all work?

Here’s Tom to walk you through the platform.

As Australia’s ONLY full-service marketing agency offering Amazon, we view the platform as one of many strings in your bow to help you generate more revenue.

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From $3k to $5,400 in 3 months | The Megaphone Effect

👉Month 1: $3,900 (30% increase month on month)

👉Month 2: $5,200 (33% increase month on month)

👉Month 3: 3rd month with Mega: $5,400 (80% total increase compared to monthly average prior to starting with Megaphone on Amazon)

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In 5 simple steps, how’d we do it?

  1. Launched a variety of ads

    We started running a variety of ads on Amazon for them for the first time, which boosted product listing visibility and drove more traffic to their listings that were converting well.

  2. Conducted keyword research

    Detailed analysis of the platform and the brand’s competitors allowed us to figure out which keywords the client needed to be ranking for organically.

  3. Updated product listings

    We updated titles, descriptions and summary points with new copy designed to convert at a high rate on Amazon. These elements also included all of the necessary keywords to rank high organically.

  4. Researched top-performing competitors

    An industry analysis helped us understand what type of imagery was required to achieve a higher conversion rate while also being recognised by Amazon as a high-quality listing. We then created intelligent designs of our own to mimic this strategy.

  5. Ongoing ad optimisation

    To ensure we were continually showing up in front of the right people, we constantly adjusted targeting and bidding strategies. This allowed us to be front of mind for the right people (ready to buy) at the right time (ready to buy now).

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100 transparency, always

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Access to latest Google updates

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Top 3% Google Premier Partner

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You own & keep your assets

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Fully in-house team

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Gold Academy TikTok Partner

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Multiple experts on your account

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4x customer service awards

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AFR, Deloitte & Telstra endorsed

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We’ve Grown 1,000+ Businesses like yours

Whether you’re an international brand or an exciting Aussie start-up, we know what works for your industry.
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10 Years Growing Businesses. 100 Awards & Counting.

award trophy
AFR Top 100 Companies 2023
Australian Financial Review Fast Starters
award trophy
Most Innovative Agency of the Year
2022 Globee® Business Excellence Awards
award trophy
2023’s Top TikTok Advertising Company
award trophy
2023’s Top Digital Marketing Company
award trophy
2023’s Top Google Adwords Company
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AFR Top 100 Companies 2023
Australian Financial Review Fast Starters

Our clients on their amazing results

We’re lucky to have worked with thousands of great businesses. Hear from them on what makes us different.

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5 Reasons You Can’t Ignore Amazon Marketing in 2024

1. You can attract a lot of new customers
2. You can dominate the Australian audience
3. You can either get ahead or get left behind.
4. Capitalise from less competition.
5. You get full data transparency.

Right now, Amazon Australia is growing. That means competition between brands is lower — it’s your chance to get a massive head start on your competitors.


🏆 Voted 2023’s Marketing Agency of the Year🏆

But don’t just take our word for it…

Why Should You Partner With A Digital Marketing Agency?
Envious dreams
What’s the Best Thing About Working With A Marketing Agency?

Our Honest Responses To Real Business Owner Questions

I’ve had average experiences with agencies in the past. How is Megaphone different?

You deserve a team that never settles for second-best. We’re always hungry to learn, improve and deliver you the best possible outcome. We dedicate time every week to innovation and learning, to make sure that you’re always getting top-of-the-line service and unwavering proactivity.

We will always be 100% honest with you. If we’re not a good fit, we’ll tell you from the start.

Peter Asimakopoulos, founder of NPA Events had a similar concern, having been burnt by agencies in the past. “I’ve been with a lot of agencies before where they haven’t really understood what we’re selling, what we’re doing, or anything like that. I feel like with my account manager, Stephen, and the rest of the Megaphone team, they really understand our target market and what we wanted to go after. Straight off the bat there was a lot more care and they were more invested in the business. Not just the marketing, but in general, what we’re trying to do.” Watch the full testimonial here.

We don’t just talk the talk, we walk the walk. We grew our own eCommerce brand, Silvi (rebranded to Argie) to $2 million in revenue in just 7 months.

What is the Megaphone onboarding process? How long does it take?

Once you decide that you’re ready to take your brand to the next level, you can expect a simple, easy process.

Step 1: Fill out your details (scroll to the top of this page)

Step 2: We arrange a free strategy call to learn more about your business and your goals, and see if we’d be a good fit.

Step 3: We’ll present a robust strategy based on your goals, that can help you grow your brand, get more sales or leads, and help you continue on your path to industry domination.

Step 4: After officially becoming a Megaphone partner, you’ll meet the team who will be on your account every day – data expert, creative expert, strategy lead, Google experts, and more.

And that’s it! All you have to do is fill out your details, and we’ll do the rest.

Can you guarantee me a high return on ad spend?

We could tell you about the client who got a 50 ROAS, or the skincare client we got stocked in Mecca. But those are anomalies. We can’t do that for every business.


What we can guarantee is that we’ll have an entire team of 4+ people checking your account every day. We can guarantee that you get a tailored strategy that helps you achieve your individual goals – there’s no such thing as a cookie-cutter approach.


And we can guarantee that we will always be proactive, transparent and honest – it’s in our DNA. 


While we could provide a guarantee of ROAS or MER, we prefer not to. Why? Because that is tunnel-vision. 


At the end of the day, your long-term and holistic growth is what is most important to us. We take your broader goals into account, and we need to be able to pivot strategies along the way when things change in the landscape. 


We don’t want tunnel-vision on what particular metric; we want to grow your businesses steadily, for the long term. That’s why we don’t give a ROAS guarantee, because it can be detrimental to your long-term growth.

Who will be working on my account?

You will NOT have 1 account manager who manages dozens of clients. You get your own personal TEAM of SEO experts and marketing strategists. Typically, this consists of the SEO Lead, a Marketing Strategist, Copywriter(s), Graphic Designer and Data Expert.

Megaphone is also led by 2022’s Woman of the Year, Lauren Oakes, and Melbourne Young Entrepreneur Winner, Max Hertan.

I’m worried about getting a return on my investment. What peace of mind can you give me?

Over 90% of clients who partner with Megaphone see excellent results, and remain as a partner for the long-term. While this stems from the excellent results (last Black Friday, for example, we were able to turn $3.1m into $22.8m for our clients), often it is because of more intangible reasons — because of the exceptional customer service, proactivity in providing ideas, authenticity, and unwavering honesty to tell it like it is.

It’s important to view Megaphone as a long-term partner. While great results after 1 month can and do happen, we typically see the sweet spot being 3-12 months. This gives the SEO strategy enough time to be fully maximised by the Google algorithm.

Megaphone has also been recognised locally and internationally for our campaigns, our leadership and our customer service – collectively, we have over 90 awards, more than any other Australian digital marketing agency.

The most successful Megaphone-client results are when we are both aligned in our vision. As Regan from Core Foundations (Megaphone client) said, “As good as they are, it’s not a one-way street. If you know your business, with their expertise, you become dangerous.”

Which methods/services will Megaphone use to grow my business?

The Megaphone team specialises in growing eCommerce and service businesses through holistic marketing strategies, made up of:


👉 Google Ads 👉 Meta Ads 👉 TikTok 👉 SEO 👉 Lead Generation 👉 Email Marketing 👉 Content Creation 👉 Programmatic 👉 CRO 👉 Branding 👉 and more


Megaphone has helped build brands of all shapes, sizes and industries – from names like Alias Mae and F45 to boutique beauty brands, local service businesses and everyone in between.


With Megaphone, you’re guaranteed first access to new platform updates, trends and techniques. That’s because the agency is a Top 3% Google Partner™, Gold Academy TikTok Partner, and top-tier partner with Meta, Klaviyo, Shopify, Yotpo and more.

What’s Megaphone’s approach to creative testing?


Megaphone has its own in-house design and creative team, consisting of graphic designers, web designers, videographers, product photographers, audio engineers, and more.

With so much talent on hand, we are able to produce more intelligent, data-backed tests than any other agency.

 It’s important to always be testing new creatives; we’ll never settle for “good” when you can achieve “great”.

Does Megaphone ONLY focus on marketing? Or can you help other areas of my business too?

With strong knowledge across all aspects of business growth – from manufacturing, shipping and distribution to marketing, post-purchase experiences, community building, branding, and so much more – Megaphone acts as an extension to your business.

You will see Megaphone as part of the team, not an addition to it. That’s thanks to our unique ability to solve problems no matter in which area they arise – marketing or elsewhere.

Megaphone also has an exclusive ecosystem full of partner services you can lean on to help grow your business in other areas. This includes finance parters for if/when you need capital, tech partners to expand your digital presence, 3PLs to improve logistics and shopping, business coaches, and more.

How do Megaphone’s prices compare to other digital marketing agencies?

Megaphone is a full-service digital marketing agency, which means you have access to all the opportunities you could possibly need to take your brand to the next level. Despite being able to provide more than most other agencies, our prices remain highly competitive in the landscape.

The main reason we typically start prices at $1997 for SEO is because this is the minimum investment needed to make significant difference to your organic search presence.

This competitive price also opens doors to Megaphone’s business-growth ecosystem, which consists of finance parters for if/when you need capital, tech partners to expand your digital presence, 3PLs to improve logistics and shopping, business coaches, and more.

What does the cost of my package include? Do I get more value with Megaphone than the cheaper agencies?

In the world of agencies, you typically get what you pay for. In addition to having multiple experts on your account every day, with Megaphone, you also get several important benefits that smaller, cheaper agencies are not able to provide, such as:

👉Exclusive partnerships with Google (Top 3% Google Partner™), TikTok ( Gold Academy TikTok Partner), Meta, Klaviyo, Shopify, Yotpo, Gorgias & more.

👉10 years of data based on hundreds of millions of dollars of ad spend. These learnings help us make your business’s strategy 10x more powerful.

👉Experience across every eCommerce and service industry you can imagine. We’ve helped grow 1,000+ different Aussie businesses, and we apply those learnings to help give your brand a fast-tracked route to success.

👉Innovative leadership through Woman of the Year, Lauren Oakes, and Melbourne Young Entrepreneur Winner + multiple-8-figure founder, Max Hertan.

👉A dedicated “Innovation Team” who constantly hunts for new ways for your business to generate revenue and retain more customers.

👉Strong relationships with complementary service providers as part of the “Megaphone Ecosystem”, such as 3PLs, tech stacks, finance partners, and more. This means that we aren’t just a digital marketing agency, we can also give you tips on how to make your business more effective from a manufacturing, shipping and service point of view too.

👉Top-of-the-line reporting software so that you are always up to date with what is happening – because 100% transparency is a non-negotiable for us.

With all of this and more, you get exceptional value for money when partnering with Megaphone.

Where is Megaphone located?

Megaphone has a 100-strong team of digital marketing experts in Australia. Our headquarters is in Melbourne, Victoria.

However, we also have specialist branches in both Sydney and Brisbane, which are tailored to NSW and Queensland businesses respectively.

6 Powerful Strategies That Complement Amazon Perfectly


We put the power of the internet in your corner, helping you show up in search results where it matters most: before your competitors.

68% of online experiences begin with a search engine. And only 0.63% of Google users click on the second page. That’s why you can’t overlook SEO.

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Google Ads

As a Top 3% Google Premier Partner, we’re guided directly by Google HQ, and we spend $10m per month on Google Ads.

Our innovation-obsessed Google Team lives and breathes Google Ads – which means that your ads and strategies are always a step ahead of the competition.

Meta Ads

Your ads are optimised 24/7, to get you the best results, faster. As a Premier Meta Partner, we know the secret sauce of effective creative testing, and we pass those learnings directly on to you.

During last year’s holiday period, we made $22.8m from just $3m ad spend, with Meta as a core component.

Email & SMS Marketing

Email marketing generates a 36 to 1 ROI. You get access to Megaphone’s in-house Design Team, creative marketing experts who receive first-in-line updates directly from Klaviyo HQ,

As experts in high-converting email and SMS, you don’t just get a highly engaged audience, you get sales.

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TikTok Content Creation

Megaphone is a Gold Academy TikTok Partner and houses Australia’s first organic-to-paid TikTok growth service.

Anyone can make videos that goes viral. Only we can make videos that go viral and skyrocket your sales numbers. We’ve taken countless TikTok brands from 0 to 10m+ views in a matter of months.

Programmatic Ads

High-tech Programmatic Ads are merely one of the tools we use that have helped us grow 21+ brands to over $10m. Are you next?

Programmatic Ads are predicted to account for 30% of digital outdoor advertising spend in 2025. If you don’t adapt now, competitors could get ahead.

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We’re passionate about growing brands. From Lululemon and Puma to Make-A-Wish and OzHarvest, we’ve scaled hundreds, and we’re rated Australia’s top agency as a result.

We provide realistic expectations, focus on transparency and help you stand out. It’s why we’ve been awarded for Australia’s best customer service for four consecutive years.”

Lauren Oakes Megaphone CEO & 2022’s Woman of the Year

100+ of Australia’s BEST marketers to grow YOUR brand

We live and breathe digital marketing. Your success is our success.