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Performance Spent $30,208 and made $271,750
Megaphone Marketing 8.99x ROAS with a $16.19 CPA
Lead Generation 3 245% increase in sales
Results 224% increase in traffic
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Melbourne owned and operated, Retro Print Merchants offer a wide variety of vintage-inspired wall prints, tea towels and greeting cards. They partnered with Megaphone Marketing in 2019 to grow brand awareness, establish themselves in the digital space and achieve exponential sales growth.

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Megaphone’s Google specialists created and implemented a fresh paid search strategy to grow brand awareness and strengthen Retro Print Merchants’ online footprint. After conducting a website audit and extensive market research, the team executed a shopping campaign to ensure the brand reached and remained top of mind for customers engaged in the art space.

Additionally, Megaphone identified high converting product categories and keywords to build search campaigns around, leveraging these insights to provide recommendations for organic and on-page content.

To complement search and shopping campaigns, a Google brand terms campaign was executed to achieve immediate results by ensuring the business captured all relevant traffic related to ‘retro prints’.

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Prior to working with Megaphone, Retro Print Merchants relied heavily on their bricks and mortar storefront as their primary source of revenue and a means to get their brand in front of customers.

Through a tailored Google ads strategy, Retro Print Merchants achieved a 245% increase in total sales and a 224% increase in traffic, granting them the opportunity to shift their focus entirely toward digital and diversify their revenue stream.

Additionally, Retro Print Merchants gained deeper insight into their customer’s interests and buying triggers, ultimately informing the direction of the product range and generating stronger, scalable results.

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