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Lead Generation 3 183% Increase in Total Revenue
Performance $237k in Black Friday Sales (2022)
Results 188% Increase in Total Orders
Megaphone Marketing 91% Increase in Recurring Customer Rate
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Specialising in premium fingerprint-engraved jewellery, Deja Marc
approached Megaphone in 2020 hoping to grow from a side-hustle to a full-scale operation. Specifically, founder Rosie wanted to level-up the brand’s marketing to attract more new customers. Rosie recognised the value of Megaphone’s full-service suite — having all channels (not just paid ads) managed under one roof would allow for a streamlined partnership and holistic and strategic growth.

Megaphone identified the opportunity of unused marketing platforms like Meta and Google – and the investment has paid serious dividends ever since.

Fast forward to 2022 and Deja Marc now achieves their first-year revenue target every single month. The brand is on track for a record breaking year for both platform ROI (Meta and Google) and total revenue.


Step one was laying the foundations. The Megaphone team dedicated time to gaining a thorough understanding of the brand, products, industry and competitors. 

This consisted of a data deep-dive, analysing the demographics and behaviours of their top (highest converting) customers. It provided insight to which kinds of people would be seeking a Deja Marc necklace, and which marketing angles resonated best. In other words: who was actually buying, and why?

The niche product bears an emotional factor (human connection), so the Megaphone creative team leant into the emotive benefits, selling story and meaning to complement the premium product. This focus helped customers develop long-term connection and brand loyalty.

From that point, angles were – and still are – continuously split-tested. Angles, copy and creatives that prove successful are constantly iterated, and data analysis is conducted daily. This ensures optimal budgeting and targeting which has resulted in month-on-month growth across Deja Marc’s paid media channels.

Megaphone marketing
Megaphone’s Head of Growth and Creative Performance Executive working on strategies


In 2020, before partnering with Megaphone, Deja Marc’s annual revenue was $230,000.

Less than two years into Megaphone’s growth plan, Deja Marc is making close to that figure every single month. The brand is on track for total 2022 revenue of $2+ million.

Between June 2021 and June 2022, the Megaphone’s data and creative experts have scaled ad spend by 191% while maintaining an incredible Marketing Efficiency Ratio (MER) of 11x.

Some but not all of this success can be pinned down to the tailored Black Friday strategy, which has resulted in a massive sales uptick. Megaphone triggered $96,000 in sales and an 8x Google ROAS in 2020’s BFCM period. 12 months later, the number climbed even higher to a whopping $237,000 over the holiday weekend (at a 12x Google ROAS).

That spells a 146% revenue increase from one Black Friday to the next, with a conversion value increase of 1,256%

The stats are impressive, and the client couldn’t be happier. Following the success, Deja Marc’s owner is now looking to launch into other markets and countries under Megaphone’s paid marketing guidance.

With new platforms and strategies on the horizon, such as SEO, CRO and Landing Page A/B testing frameworks, the future is seriously bright for Deja Marc.