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Performance Spent $50,865 and made $379,918
Megaphone Marketing 7.47 ROAS (increased by 28%)
Lead Generation 3 67% increase in conversion value
Results 33% increase in conversion rate
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Since its inception, 66fit has provided Australia and New Zealand customers with quality exercise and recovery equipment to help people train efficiently and ensure optimal performance.

To ensure future growth for the business, 66fit turned to Megaphone Marketing to devise a Google Ads strategy that would generate greater brand awareness and deliver scalable results for their ecommerce store.


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After conducting a thorough audit of 66fit’s existing Adwords activity as well as a comprehensive market analysis of their best performing keywords and product categories, Megaphone found that their shopping campaign was not segmented intelligently and optimised to spend efficiently, therefore hindering their conversion rate and subsequent ROAS.

Megaphone rebuilt the Google Ads account to structure ad campaigns with relevant targeting and segmentation. The team identified opportunities for best-performing product categories to segment their shopping campaigns by in order to optimise spend to drive higher conversion rates.

Additionally, Megaphone leveraged insights gained to craft product-specific search campaigns including ‘Physio Supplies’ and ‘Weighted Hula Hoops’.

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Following just six months of working together, Megaphone have generated a 28% increase in ROAS, equating to a total purchase conversion value increase of 67%.

By partnering with Megaphone, not only have 66fit been able to increase their sales, they’ve strengthened their position in the Australian market and gained invaluable insight into their customer’s purchase behaviour, ultimately helping shape their future.