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Lead Generation 3 Month 1: $15,250 made from $6,000
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Specialising in fast-turnaround, personalised sports balls, NPA Events came to Megaphone in January of 2022, hoping to improve their overall revenue and increase their market share.

At the time, NPA events had made around $8,000 in total sales. With respect to the relatively low total, their goal was lofty: achieve $60,000 in revenue — in other words, grow the business by almost 800% in size.

Fast forward to today: Under Megaphone’s guidance, thanks to constant testing of different angles, creatives and copy, NPA hasn’t just hit their goal, they’ve absolutely blown it out of the water.

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Before the Megaphone strategists launched into a growth-focused plan of attack, we needed to do our due diligence and research to find out what had and had not worked in the past. 

Early signs pointed to Click-Through Rate being the area needing the most improvement — the product was great, the website converted well, but the ads weren’t hooking enough people in. They were lacking a wow-factor to grab attention.

With a data-backed framework and a clear focus to improve the engagement of ads, the team got to work testing a range of different angles and copy variants, as well as different styles of video content. Then, they honed in on the most successful angles.

Simultaneously, Megaphone was communicating with the NPA team every step of the way. We explained the tests we were running and why we were running them, so even if the results weren’t strong initially, the client understood the long-term vision and the need for creative testing and learning. 

Diving into the specifics, we tested a “Whitelisting” strategy – running ads from a separate page (a neutral source) to increase trust. 

Lots of NPA Events’ custom products are used by children (so they don’t lose their ball at practice or school). To capitalise on this, we ran creatives that featured kids’ sporting heroes — messaging such as “Train like LeBron or Curry” (speaking to kids/teens) or “A personalised ball for your basketball superstar” (speaking to parents) proved to be the best angles, especially when combined with videos involving sporting icons.

We played on FOMO and urgency by mentioning products that had previously “sold out in 72 hours”. Finally, we put a 15% discount code for first-time purchasers on most ads, providing that extra incentive to get them over the line.

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Toward the beginning of the partnership, Facebook ROAS wasn’t where it needed to be.

It sat at 0.85x in April when the heavy creative testing began. That turned into 0.87x in May, 1.43x in June, 1.97x in July, 2.81x in August and continued climbing to 3.19x in September.

Every month of testing welcomed more data and learnings, allowing for steady and consistent revenue increases as we scaled the ad spend across Google and Facebook.

In month one of the partnership, we spent $6,000 on ads and made back $15,250. In our most recent month, we spent $20,800 on ads and made back $76,020.

As the cherry on top, NPA Events had approximately $60,000 of bulk orders from people who first became aware of NPA through our ads.

The bottom line? NPA Events had a revenue target of $60k. After just 9 months, they’d made over $359,000. And the client couldn’t be happier.

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The success of NPA Events’ Facebook and Google ads has brought more revenue in the door, allowing the company to branch out into different marketing and revenue-making platforms.

Megaphone recently launched a B2B email service for NPA. which will invite a steady stream of wholesale revenue and help the business grow even further.