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Performance 105% increase in sales
Social Advertising $1 million in sales attributed to our ads.
Results 14x Return on ad spend
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VCM Performance are an automotive retailer selling both car parts and software to improve the performance of motor vehicles. They originally came to Megaphone to reach potential customers who haven’t yet heard about the offering, introduce themselves and hopefully grow their online sales. For them, Megaphone was responsible for predominantly generating exposure and sales were secondary.

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In running Facebook and Google campaigns the focus initially was to find the messaging and creative that would resonate most with our target market. The expectation was that the softwares and parts they offered would take potential customers a while to convert on given the price-point.

Despite this, the focus of the campaign quickly switched to generating sales as we built at funnels for individual products, product categories and collections.

Upon shifting to a sale focused we were able to effectively generate sales at each stage of the funnel.

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Through intelligent segmentation of audiences, along with a focus on pushing the most profitable products we were able to massively scale VCM’s online sales. We are now able to target those who have already purchased to come back and purchase supplementary or supportive parts, making the lifetime value of the customer that much more significant.