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Lead Generation 3 372% Increase in Conversion Rate
Performance 645% Increase in ROAS
Results 683% Increase in Purchases
Megaphone Marketing Improved Consistency of Sales
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A brand new Australian natural, luxury perfume brand, Sensoriam approached Megaphone when they had no customers whatsoever, bar a handful of friends and family.

Initial creatives were engaging and attention-grabbing, with a strong 2%+ click-through rate. However, buying perfume – a sensory product – online is a very difficult thing to do.

At just 0.33%, Sensorium struggled with the Conversion Rate (CVR), bringing down the overall returns to figure non-conducive to sustainable brand growth.

Despite the brand being in its infancy, the vision was clear: achieve $10K monthly revenue, with consistent daily sales. Since partnering with Megaphone, the uptick in sales has been immediate, setting the foundations for long-term business growth.


Without a track record or a target audience (backed by data), early stages of the Megaphone-Sensoriam partnership were all about testing the waters — finding the right creatives, messaging, and audience to build the brand for the long term, not only get the quick wins.

To reach the outcome we wanted —meaningful data and a clear pathway forward — we tested various welcome offers, UGC describing the perfume scent, and different campaign objectives.

Frankly, nothing was moving the needle enough — not mini discovery kits nor free gifts with purchase. But for every method that didn’t convert, we gained data, and continued coiling the sales spring, ready to soon explode. Being a sensory product, not your typical DTC good, the data kept screaming that an out-of-the-box strategy was needed. And that’s where the attention was placed.

Tapping into the Megaphone creative toolkit, and harnessing the popularity of big-name perfumes like Chanel and Marc Jabobs, the strategists planned a PR/Article campaign in the form of listicles. Titles like “10 Natural Alternatives to Your Cult Favourite Perfumes” (such as Chanel No. 5) would feature Sensoriam products, laying the foundations for a range of ads, UGC, and publicity pieces to follow.

With notes from a perfume expert explaining why these alternatives smelled similar, a once-unknown product and scent, Sensoriam was now brought into the viewer’s circle of familiarity. Through scent association with famous brands, the biggest roadblock was overcome, trust was built, and the sales increased immediately.

Rather than run traditional “buy now” ads, creatives now prompted the viewer to ‘Learn More’, linking to the blog post. From here, users could click on individual products and be taken directly to the product page.

Meanwhile, high-end TikTok trending content drove link clicks and UGC-style videos showcased authenticity.

Megaphone marketing
Megaphone’s Head of Growth and Creative Performance Executive working on strategies


In April and May of 2022, revenue had not exceeded $500 per day.
As soon as the listicle campaigns went live, the uplift in sales, brand awareness, and traffic was significant and immediate.

Fast forward to October of 2022 and the Megaphone team has well and truly put Sensoriam on the map. Compared to the early days, the perfume brand has seen a 645% increase in ROAS, 683% increase in purchases, and, overcoming the initial hurdle, a 372% increase in conversion rate.

The traffic campaign successfully drove cold traffic to the website, and the trust-focused ads combined with the familiarity-building listicles worked collectively to convert viewers once they became warmer audiences.

Most importantly, sales have become consistent, allowing Sensoriam to be able to plan for the upcoming years of growth.

Sensoriam Ads Examples
Sensoriam ads, which generated a 645% increase in ROAS and 683% increase in purchases

The next phase of growth

Looking to the horizon, the Megaphone team will continue with a high level of creative testing. While results are currently fantastic, the team believes that the sky’s the limit for Sensoriam.

Continuing to dive into out-of-the-box methods to convey scents and build trust, Sensoriam’s scaling looks promising. With consistent revenue and sales, it opens the door for new products, and community-building initiatives that will focus on recurring customers.

The client is over the moon with the impact to date and can’t wait for what the future holds with Megaphone’s experts at the helm.

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