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Lead Generation 3 $0-200K revenue in first month
Performance $2 million revenue in 7 months
Results 4x ROAS
Megaphone Marketing 1,863 conversions with a $16.19 CPA
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Our Founder Max’s startup, Silvi, began with a single product: high-quality silk, silver-treated pillowcases designed to prevent acne and provide clearer, healthier skin. As a brand new business, Silvi had to begin from scratch — meaning trust in the brand had to be created.

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The Megaphone team immediately got to work sourcing data, creating a formula designed to rapidly scale social spend and maximise profitability. This was achieved through extensive customer feedback, digging deep into customer purchase intent and the most responsive demographics.

Finally, the team optimised the website conversion rate (CVR) by tailoring content to respond to the most common pain points of the target markets, building brand value and trust.

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Silvi was the perfect example of what Megaphone can achieve, with a brand fresh on the market aiming to scale at full speed. Within the first month of working together, website CVR increased by 133%, from 1.8% in October to 4.2% in November.

With a goal of $100k revenue within the first full month, a lofty achievement for any startup, Megaphone doubled this number and achieved over $200,000 in sales. To date, revenue is still increasing at an astronomical rate.

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