Case Study Iphone Core Foundations
Lead Generation 3 Training studio went from 50% capacity to 100% capacity
Performance Revenue increased by 60% in the first 12 months
Results Maintained the same cost per lead throughout the year while scaling
Megaphone Marketing More leads allowed for the expansion of our services: Infrared Sauna
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Founded in 2013 and based in Melbourne’s bayside suburb of Beaumaris, Core Foundations Training is a personalised functional training studio with a twist — the beloved local service focuses on reducing injuries and improving movement. 

When founder Regan Zampogna approached Megaphone in May 2021, the studio’s goal was simple: increase the number of weekly sessions booked, and generate more leads in the surrounding geographical area — ultimately, improving brand awareness and lead generation simultaneously. At the end of the day, it was the proactive approach to developing a long-term strategy that gave Regan the confidence to sign on with Megaphone’s service department.

Fast forward to today, and the studio now gets more leads (customers), who book more sessions, at a cheaper cost per acquisition — win, win, win. 


From day one, Megaphone analysed the available data in the studio’s ad accounts to optimise the budget efficiently. Since Core Foundations Training’s service required a lot of education, Megaphone tested several long-format ad copy, educational videos, and user-generated content (UGC) to identify which type of content and which messaging was most effective. 

This included A/B experimention with different:

  • Pain points
  • Creative types (video, static, GIF, etc)
  • Hooks (what would grab immediate attention?)
  • Messaging targetted at different demographics
  • And more

After gleaning clear audience data from the historical and new sales, Megaphone’s data experts then pivoted to target the most relevant demographic (age 55+). At the same time, we niched down on the geographical area to ensure a higher conversion rate. In other words, it wasn’t about how many people we could reach, it was about how many of the right people.

To keep the momentum going, we used the data from the consistent leads to create look-alike audiences for Meta campaigns. 

Since a fitness studio relies heavily on positive customer service, we also pushed for more organic reviews — a handful of new 5-star, honest testimonials helped on two fronts. Firstly, it built more trust, which helped improved the conversion rate (turning “maybes” into “yes’s”). Secondly, we could then showcase the studio’s reviews in different ads, which improved overall click-through-rate and conversion rate.

As we could only target a small group of people (for geographical reasons), we proactively and consistently refreshed the ads (aesthetics, styles and messaging) to avoid viewer fatigue. 

In some months, we saw spikes in CPAs (Cost per Acquisition) when that viewer fatigue started to creep in. Whenever this happened, we addressed it immediately by publishing an extra number of new angles and new videos. Regan and the team were delighted that these concerns were so quickly dealt with.


After partnering with Megaphone, Core Foundations Training saw impressive results. The studio went from being at 50% capacity to reaching 100% capacity, and revenue increased by 60% in the first 12 months alone! The studio maintained the same cost per lead throughout the year, which allowed them to expand their services to include the Infrared Sauna.

Winding back to before Megaphone, Core Foundations Training had around 75 sessions booked per week – after partnering with Megaphone, they now have over 130, a 73% increase. 

The CPL (Cost Per Lead) sat at $66 in the first month of the partnership. After 12 months, it reduced to $52, an impressive 22% reduction. While this might look like a small improvement, in reality, it’s a rare and monumental number —  targeting a small geographic area typically sees a rise in CPL/CPA.


Regan and the Core Foundations Training team are feeling great about the results! They plan to expand their services by hiring more staff and offering new services like the Infrared Sauna. 

In Regan’s own words, Megaphone’s diligence, attention to detail, and professionalism – particularly that of the Marketing Strategist, Mo – have been second to none. By analysing the data, testing different strategies, and intelligently tweaking the ad budget, Megaphone has helped Core Foundations Training not only achieve their goals, but blow them out of the water. An increase in revenue is only the beginning for this local Melbourne business.

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