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Meet the Business

In today’s socially conscious world, ethical and environmental considerations have become non-negotiables for businesses striving to make a positive impact. After all, 70% of individuals will pay more for products that do not infringe on human rights.

But 39% of Australians don’t know which brands are ethical. This is where Azolla Certified comes in.

Azolla Certified, an emerging leader in product ethical and environmental certification, has been at the forefront of empowering businesses to align their operations with sustainable and responsible practices.

Founded in 2022 by Darren Whittaker, the Melbourne-based company has quickly gained recognition for its thorough and comprehensive factory audit process. This is accompanied by actionable recommendations aimed at enhancing ethical practices and reducing the environmental impact associated with the manufacturing of products.

Darren came to Megaphone to help do two things: the first, to acquire more leads for Azolla Certified to certify; and the second, to improve Azolla Certified’s brand awareness, so more people would recognise the seal of approval. After partnering with Megaphone, Azolla Certified has landed 8-figure business clients, and the rest is history.

The Business Snapshot: Azolla Certified

An up-and-comer in the international trade industry, Azolla Certified offers businesses a certification that demonstrates their commitment to ethical and environmentally responsible practices. By partnering with Azolla Certified, companies can differentiate their products and services in the competitive market, gain a tangible advantage over competitors, and foster trust with their customers.

What sets Azolla Certified apart from competitors are its myriad of unique selling points:

  • Azolla has a significantly cheaper and more targeted solution than its competitors, making ethical and environmental certification accessible to a broader range of businesses. Even start-ups can now get certified.
  • Azolla Certified adds frontline evidence that their clients need to support their Modern Slavery Statements and demonstrate their ESG due diligence, which ultimately bolsters businesses’ reputations and credibility.
  • Azolla Certified reduces liability for company directors by providing tangible third party validation that they have an ongoing and concerted commitment to raise the ethical and environmental standards of their products and brand.
  • Azolla Certified increases clients’ sales by appealing to the growing number of conscious shoppers who prioritise ethical and sustainable products.

Why Azolla Certified Partnered with Megaphone?

When Azolla Certified sought a strategic partner to achieve its goals, they turned to Megaphone. Above all else, two specific factors drew Azolla Certified to Megaphone: 

First and foremost, the clear strategies and objectives, and the robust pathway proposed to achieve them. This was something Azolla Certified didn’t receive from other agencies they’d spoken to.

But secondly, and what was ultimately the defining decision-maker, was the digital marketing agency’s strong people-centric culture. The alignment of values and the shared vision of driving positive change made the partnership a natural fit.

The Incredible Azolla Certified Success

Since its inception, Azolla Certified has grown in leaps and bounds. The brand is becoming more and more of a household name with every passing day. The more people who know about the business, the more of a positive impact Azolla Certified can have on society.

Notably, Azolla Certified obtained one of its most significant clients after partnering with Megaphone, Quad Lock. Working with Quad Lock paved the way for Azolla Certified to enter the realm of $100 million-plus businesses — Quad Lock’s certification was a turning point, especially given its investment from an $8 billion private equity company, Quadrant Private Equity.

Method: The Strategies for Success

The end goal was clear; to sign new client contracts and achieve greater brand awareness. But getting there wasn’t a quick and easy solution — the Megaphone team needed to put in a multi-step process to give Azolla Certified the best chance of success.

These milestones included improving the customer journey, enhancing Azolla Certified’s web presence (to be seen by more people, but also feature clear messaging), and streamlining the CRM system (to help with data tracking and overall business efficiency).

To make this happen, Azolla Certified and Megaphone joined forces to implement a 5-point brand elevation plan:

👉META Ads to LinkedIn Ads Pivot: 

The marketing approach shifted from traditional META ads to more targeted and relevant LinkedIn ads, capturing the attention of potential clients in high-value industries.

👉Google Ads: 

Leveraging the power of Google’s advertising platform, Azolla Certified promoted its ethical and environmental certification services to a broader audience. This is a natural pathway (when executed correctly) to improve brand awareness.

👉Landing Page Development: 

Tailor-made landing pages were created to highlight Azolla Certified’s USPs. These pages shared valuable consumer insights and called out important statistics, which  encouraged potential clients to get in touch with Azolla Certified.

👉CRM Integration

Megaphone took steps to integrate Azolla Certified’s backend with HubSpot’s CRM to facilitate a seamless lead management system. The major benefit was a huge influx of warm leads (generated through advertising campaigns) signing on the dotted line to become clients.

An informative and compelling brochure was crafted to show off the benefits of Azolla Certified’s services. Highly educational, the document guided potential clients through the journey towards ethical and environmental excellence, making the entire process as easy to understand as possible.

The Success, In A Nutshell

Azolla Certified’s partnership with Megaphone has been a masterstroke. Together, the team has been able to further drive ethical and environmental consciousness within the international trade industry. 

By leveraging innovative marketing strategies, Azolla Certified has successfully reached and impacted a broader clientele. And, to this day, they’re continuing to encourage businesses to adopt responsible practices. Practices that not only benefit their bottom line, but also contribute to a sustainable and brighter future for the planet. 

As more companies recognise the importance of ethical certification, Azolla Certified’s journey continues to inspire positive change, leading us toward a more conscious and responsible business landscape.

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