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Lead Generation 3 Made $250k in 6 weeks
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Droneit’s EOFY campaign propels the business to new heights

Case Study Laptop Droneit

Meet the Business

Droneit, revered as Australia’s premier Drone Training School, has carved a niche for itself in the field of commercial drone training. Founded by Aussie duo James Jones + Lee Carseldine, Droneit Group has been a pioneer in taking the Drone training space online. Not only do its customers get certified by real drone pilots, but their user-accessible website and courses make education accessible by people of all abilities (i.e. catering to vision impairment).

Constantly striving to reach new heights, DroneIt’s presence extends across borders — they’ve been involved in projects in Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific Islands, working with many large-scale businesses and covering everything from Film & TV documentaries to more complex aerial mapping data collection.

Regardless of the size and scale of DroneIt’s work, their flawless safety record is something to admire. They continue to strive to stay a Zero Harm and incident-free company. Alongside safety, they also pride themselves on innovation – which is why they approached Megaphone. 

After working with sub-par agencies who “were all hype then all fizzle”, they came to Megaphone begging for a partner who could ride the innovation wave alongside them. DroneIt felt that Megaphone could offer a better strategy across more channels – exactly what’s played out.

The EOFY campaign in a snapshot

The entire relationship between Megaphone and DroneIt has been spectacular.

However, it was the EOFY 2023 campaign that really stood out.

DroneIt’s co-founders wanted to reach a record-breaking FY revenue target with a final push for EOFY. 2 months prior to the Megaphone EOFY promotion, DroneIt was sitting at 30-40k revenue from digital channels. After Senior Marketing Strategist, Jordan and his team worked their magic, Droneit’s digital channel sales skyrocketed to $120-$130k per month – becoming a blueprint for future revenue goals and promotions.

Droneit Landscape Success Spotlight

Turning $41k into $250k in just 6 weeks – here’s how we did it

In a mere six weeks, we orchestrated a remarkable transformation, turning a $41,000 investment into an impressive $250,000 in revenue. The driving force behind this phenomenal success was a well-thought-out strategy that encompassed multiple facets of marketing and engagement.

In 5 ways, here’s how we did it.

  1. Innovative Book & Win Giveaway

Our journey began with the implementation of a Book & Win giveaway campaign. 

Droneit was never short on leads. But being a big purchase decision for consumers, with an AOV of $2,850, getting those customers to purchase was always the hurdle.

That’s where the Book & Win Giveaway came into play. This premise was simple: sign up for a drone training course and you go in the running to win one of two $4,000 drones.

This innovative incentive not only drew attention but also inspired action – increasing the number of purchases and improving website conversion rate significantly.

  1. Effective Landing Page Integration

For seamless execution of the EOFY “Book & Win” campaign, we ensured that Droneit’s dedicated landing page would integrate smoothly with our advertising messaging.

The page, which emphasised clarity and transparency, served as a central hub, guiding consumers to the terms and conditions of the giveaway. The cohesive messaging in our ads was paramount in building trust as well.

In the ads that were directed to this landing page, proven marketing methods like direct-response copy, clear Call To Actions, and messaging that created urgency made the decision-making process easy for customers.

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  1. Compelling Static and Video Creatives:

With the Giveaway and Landing Page infrastructure all set up, our next step was all about promotion. The offer was great. Now we had to shout it from the rooftops.

This involved making a series of compelling static and video creatives (ads).

These visuals were carefully designed to serve two concurrent purposes: to effectively convey the value of the giveaway, and to capture attention with eye-catching graphics and persuasive messaging.

  1. Educational Video Content

In addition to the captivating creatives, we introduced a collection of informative videos. 

These detailed videos provided a clear breakdown of the giveaway, offering participants a comprehensive understanding of the terms and conditions of entry. 

Notably, our videos featured none other than Droneit’s very own Lee Carseldine, a star actor, and our esteemed internal content creators. Their presence added a personal touch, enhancing the connection between our audience and the Droneit brand.

  1. Harnessing strong EOFY Messaging to boost evergreen campaigns

Throughout our campaign, the strategic use of EOFY (End of Financial Year) messaging played a vital role. Using consumer psychology to our advantage, we were able to play on themes like urgency, scarcity and imagination to encourage viewers to take the plunge.

But its success wasn’t limited to promo videos of Lee, or statics showing off the drone giveaway competition. The urgency and FOMO copy from the EOFY had a chain reaction benefit for other, more evergreen ad campaigns. 

We were able to take the learnings (and elements on the creates) to lay the foundation for ad accounts across the board, ensuring sustained performance beyond the initial push.

How does Droneit feel about it all?

For a client that had never run a promotion like this, they now feel empowered to do this type of giveaway on a quarterly or 6-monthly basis. And with astronomically successful results, can you blame them?

Unfortunately, Droneit had been burned by other “all hype” marketing agencies in the past. The excellent, sustained results since partnering with Megaphone have given co-founders, James and Lee the confidence to trust Megaphone’s suggestions, and shown them that digital marketing agencies are not created equal – you get what you pay for.

They’re now more excited than ever to step outside of the box with their digital marketing tactics, taking on board more and more of Jordan’s innovative suggestions.

Recapping incredible success | The numbers don’t lie.

Taking a step back, it’s hard to argue with the success of Droneit’s EOFY campaign. With just a couple months to go before the EOFY, Lee and James weren’t confident that they would hit their ambitious sales target.

So they made their goal very clear:

“Jordan, we need 250k in 6 weeks to help us hit our financial year revenue target. Can you help us? Can it be done?”

2 months prior to the promotion were at $30k-$40k revenue from digital channels. Fast forward to July 1st, Droneit not only hit but exceeded their 2022/23 FY year revenue target.

After hovering around the $30k-40k mark in March and April, Droneit hit $118k and $131k in May and June respectively. The client is stoked.

This was no flash in the pan either. By harnessing all of the positive learnings from the EOFY campaign, Jordan and the Megaphone team were able to continue the momentum, hitting a record-breaking $135k in August.

Exciting opportunities on the Droneit horizon | Where to next?

Thanks to the success of the EOFY campaign, Droneit now has cash in the bank to pursue other exciting opportunities — “Because of this, we’ve not only been able to invest in a whole new fleet of drones, but we can invest in staff and also innovations like AI.”

“This year, me and my business partner went to Europe for a few weeks. It was the first time that we had taken time away from the business. We were a little bit nervous to see how the business was going to run without us. But it ran so smoothly.”

“We now know that if we do take time away from the business for a holiday, for a break, for anything, that Megaphone’s always going to be there just to just to make sure that the business runs smoothly.”
– Lee Carseldine, co-founder of Droneit

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