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Lead Generation 3 73% decrease in Cost Per Acquisition
Performance 205% increase in sales
Results 120% increase in website purchases
Social Advertising 285% increase in ROAS
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Surpassing 15 years in business, Sydney-based probiotics business Rochway came to Megaphone in early 2021 with two core roadblocks: they were struggling to identify product-market fit and couldn’t stand out from the competition in what was a saturated space.

Just after partnering with Megaphone, Rochway launched a new all-in-one “Beauty Sleep” product. In Rochway’s eyes, the product was fantastic but, being a brand-new concept to hit the market, a successful launch presented as a challenge; in Megaphone’s eyes, it was an incredible opportunity to test angles, shift focus, trim the fat and ultimately scale the brand.

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Capitalising on the opportunity at hand and the clear point of difference, Megaphone targeted the Marketing Vortex (large-scale intelligent testing) at the fresh and exciting Beauty Sleep product.

But before the strategy could be implemented, important data needed to be sourced. Why? To break assumptions and understand what really resonated with Rochway’s customers while further exploring their wants and pain points.

To achieve this greater understanding, a thorough Ads Manager audit was conducted. The data, highlighting a low conversion rate, pointed toward what was truly lacking: trust and relatability.

As part of the Vortex process, Megaphone’s strategists led with hard facts such as “67% of women struggle to sleep”. This approach proved to be relatable and became a springboard for what followed. 

Now that the fact-led approach was grabbing attention, more reviews were sourced and “As Seen In” campaigns were launched, building up trust and hype — two crucial marketing elements that were previously lacking.

The next step was to understand the customers’ struggles on a deeper level — a post-purchase survey was sent out, the data from which was harnessed to craft meaningful ad copy and beautiful scroll-stopping creatives that resonated with prospective customers.

With trust, hype, and testing now in full swing, all capitalising on the fact-led findings, sales started to boom.

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By directing marketing efforts and ad spend toward the new product, Megaphone gave Rochway the leg-up it needed to differentiate its probiotics brand in Australia.

Thanks to the Megaphone Vortex methodology, Rochway saw a 109.4% increase in website conversion rate, a 45% increase in web traffic, 205% increase in sales and 207% increase in revenue — all in a matter of months.

With much of the attention on the Beauty Sleep product, its independent conversion rate jumped a whopping 355%.

The newfound Rochway-customer connection has allowed word to spread like wildfire, with sales and backend metrics continuing to improve month on month.