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Product Landing Pages: 10 Examples, 6 Mistakes to Avoid

By Lauren Oakes 30 January, 2023, 14 mins read

Landing Page for a Product

Incredible product? Check.

Jaw-dropping photos and enticing copy? Check.

Time to start building the landing page for your product (or products) and let the sales roll in. 

This is important, because a landing is where people land after clicking on your ads or content. Done right, a landing page can skyrocket your revenue, increase customer satisfaction, and reduce ad spend – all at the same time. 

In this guide, we’ll cover the following:

  • How to create landing pages for your products
  • How to make landing pages that multiply your sales
  • The key elements of an effective landing page
  • How to build a landing page
  • How to drive traffic to a landing page

We’ll also look at ten examples of successful product landing pages that you can use for inspiration.

What Is a Product Landing Page?

Think of a product landing page as the internet equivalent of an elevator pitch. It’s a chance to put your offer in front of a prospect and get their business. To do that, you need to share everything a potential buyer needs to know to make a purchase decision in your favour. 

A regular webpage might have multiple goals. A landing page exists for one main reason: to convert visitors into leads or customers. A product landing page has an even more specific goal: to create new customers for your business by selling your product for you. 

Landing pages for products are often separate from a brand’s main website. They may have different colours and branding, omit navigation links to other pages, or keep the design simple and stripped back. The goal is to turn as many visitors as possible into customers – and that means keeping users focused on buying without distractions. 

What Can You Sell with a Product Landing Page?

Product landing pages exist for just about anything a brand can sell, including:

  • Physical items, e.g. e-commerce, brick-and-mortar storefronts, subscription box services.
  • Services, e.g. home renovations, lawn care, legal services. 
  • Memberships, e.g. online communities and websites, industry mailing lists.
  • Digital products, e.g. online courses, software downloads, printables.

So long as you have a product, you can sell it with a landing page. Individual service providers can also use product landing pages to promote packages of classes or appointments. 

Key Features of an Effective Product Landing Page

There’s no such thing as a perfect product landing page, but a good one will always include a few key features. These are…

1. A Catchy Headline That Adds Value

Image7 10

Source: trendfm

A compelling headline grabs your visitors’ attention and helps them understand how they benefit from your product or service. It’s also an opportunity to communicate what makes your product special. 

Is it innovative? A step forward for the industry? Easy to use? More affordable than similar items?  

A catchy headline might also focus on the problem your product solves or the unique way it improves users’ lives. 

For example, let’s say your bookkeeping software has an automated reminder function for unfilled invoices. Your product landing page might begin with, “Tired of chasing money?”. It comes down to the age-old marketing play: sell with benefits, not with features.

2. Unique Value Proposition

Image4 7

Source: sephora

Explain what sets your product or service apart to your visitors as clearly as possible. Focus on what makes it special, useful, and valuable. Aim for a one-sentence answer to the question: why should I care about this product? This is also known as your USP (unique selling proposition).

3. Clear Product Description

Image 2

Detailed descriptions of features and benefits help visitors understand your product and its relevance to their daily routine. Features are qualities of the product; benefits are how the product provides value to customers. 

A thoughtful product description should cover both while answering objections and concerns about the product. For high-end items, including information about the materials, craftsmanship, and quality builds credibility..

Be sure to highlight product details that distinguish your offer from competing ones. Spelling out key differentiators helps users understand what benefits they’ll receive in exchange for their money. This information can play an important role in purchase decisions. 

4. Social Proof, Testimonials and Reviews

Image1 9

Source: sunpak hot water

Customer reviews from verified purchasers can significantly impact your conversion rate. One survey by customer opinion site Reevoo found that testimonials and other forms of social proof boosted conversions by 4.6%

The same study found that including reviews on product pages led to an 18% increase in overall sales. 

One powerful way to add social proof is with automated landing page extensions like Sales Popup Conversion Pro. These show recent sales off to customers. If you’re selling physical products, they create FOMO and urgency in addition to offering social proof. 

5. High-quality Videos, Images, and Animations

Image2 8

Source: eden health retreat

Videos, animations, and photos help your visitors visualise your product, its looks, and its functions. These visuals are a lot more engaging and persuasive than plain text. A picture, the old adage goes, is worth a thousand words – especially when you’re shopping. 

Example: a video might show a product in action. Since this offers a preview of owning the product, it’s a lot more engaging than text descriptions. It’s easier to imagine yourself using a product after watching someone else do the same.

If you have the budget, invest in a product photographer specialising in your industry. These experts will use advanced equipment and editing techniques to present physical goods in the most attractive format possible. 

Is the marketing department strapped for cash? Consider collaborating with social media influencers in your niche or leaning on user-generated content.

6. Call to Actions

Image5 8

Source: netflix

This is the most important part of your landing page, the reason for its existence. It’s where you ask visitors to do what you need them to. In a perfect world, your call to action must be so persuasive that your visitors feel compelled to act on it immediately.

Remember: if you don’t tell people what to do, they’ll rarely figure it out on their own. Effective calls to action (CTAs) tell your visitors exactly what they’re meant to do in transparent terms. Don’t be shy! These might be buttons which say “Buy now”, “Sign Up Now”, “Add To Cart”, “Join the Community”, or “Subscribe”, to name a few.

10 Examples of Product Landing Pages that Convert

Ready to see outstanding landing pages in action? We’ve collected ten stellar landing page examples to inspire you. 

1. Wistia – Landing Page for Niche SaaS Product

Снимок экрана 2023 02 02 105126

Software can be complicated. Understandably, sometimes, SaaS providers struggle to explain what the product does or who it’s for. Not Wistia! 

We love the clear, concise headline that spells out exactly what the platform is and who should use it. The calls to action are just as clear. You see what Wistia’s offer is – and how it might help you – as soon as the page loads. 

This is also a great example of how niching down can be powerful for brands. Wistia built its solution with marketers in mind and focuses on this audience. Because of that, there’s no reason to explain platform benefits in exhaustive detail; page visitors already “get it”. 

2. Lumosity – Product Landing Page for B2C Application

Снимок экрана 2023 02 02 105158

Lumosity understands that its product might seem like an unnecessary expense.  A brain-training app that helps users through games doesn’t qualify as a ‘must-have’ for most people. To solve this, the product landing page spells out the benefits of mental callisthenics.

Note the very first section of the page, right below the header. This part explains how the app helps users and sets it apart from competitors: “Luminosity isn’t just useful – it’s fun and easy to use. Just take a look at this screenshot from inside the app!”

The takeaway is to focus on a unique value proposition and keeping the copy benefit-driven, Lumosity did that, and created an incredible landing page. 

3. Fig & Bloom – Multi-Product B2C Product Landing Page

Снимок экрана 2023 02 02 105232

We love how this page uses photos. In addition to styled images of bouquets and arrangements, Fig & Bloom incorporate well-shot snaps from clients’ Instagram feeds. 

More than social proof, the photos give visitors an idea of how the bouquets look sitting on a desk or as a centrepiece. Given that arrangements typically start at $125.00, it’s important for the brand to demonstrate that its product packs a lot of “Wow!”

4. Fitbit Sense – Landing Page for Fitness Product

Снимок экрана 2023 02 02 105306

Fitbit has come a long way from the no-nonsense pedometers that launched the company in 2009. Today, customers can choose from a range of fitness tech. This includes advanced fitness trackers, smart watches and scales (and don’t get us started on FitBit accessories!)

The Sense product page includes a lot of technical information. It’s easy to see how someone new to wearable tech might feel overwhelmed. 

To reduce confusion and help users find the product best suited to their lifestyle, Fitbit includes helpful graphics and compare features. Our favourite page section? A scrolling “Reasons you’ll love this watch” banner that spells out key value propositions.

5. Apple AirPods Max – Landing Page for Consumer Electronics

Снимок экрана 2023 02 02 105418

If you’re looking for an example of using video to show off a product, this is it. The AirPods Max website is a masterclass. Who would’ve thought a pair of headphones would make for such compelling viewing? 

Apple presents a piece of technology as if it’s jewellery. The camera lingers on slick, chrome surfaces and plush ear pads. Clean, spare copy lets the visuals take centre stage

It’s a minimalist dream that feels futuristic and luxurious. By the time you learn the price tag – $549 – it feels totally worth it. This is a textbook example of using high-quality visuals and having a clean, valuable UVP (unique value proposition) for your product. 

6. Hazel & Folk – Landing Page for Fashion Brand

Снимок экрана 2023 02 02 105522

Hazel & Folk made a name for themselves by doing one thing very, very well. Their signature maxi dress comes in a range of colours and a cut suitable for any body type. 

Instead of focusing on the product’s features, Hazel & Folk illustrate benefits… with visuals. They show the dresses off on different models to show off how good they make you look. 

It might feel like overkill to feature photos of each and every iteration of the dress. But the images allow women of all shapes and colours to imagine themselves in product. This makes the actual sale effortless for the brand. 

7. Essential Home Services – Landing Page for Home Cleaning Service

Снимок экрана 2023 02 02 105600

Essential Home Services offer home cleanings. On this landing page, they use CTA buttons and transparent copy to make bookings easy and straightforward. 

The clear, unambiguous language makes it easy for readers to get the information they need quickly. A quick scroll tells you that ESH can handle anything from regular home maintenance to disinfection.

Notice how each ‘layer’ of the design speaks to a different point in the customer journey. In the header, you see a button for those who already know what they need: ‘Request a Quote.’ 

Further down, those still in the consideration phase can learn more about different types of cleaning services. This lets EHS target multiple target audiences with just one landing page; effective! 

8. Canva – Landing Page for Design Software Brand

Снимок экрана 2023 02 02 105727

Canva is a design software company. Its product landing page uses visuals to showcase its many features. If you look more closely, you’ll see how the company emphasises its most important differentiator – ease of use – throughout the whole page.  

With so many features, many of them suitable for professional designers, it would be easy for novices to dismiss Canva as complex. Canva addresses this with their unique value proposition and product feature descriptions (text and visual). 

Specifically, Canva demonstrates how even those without experience can create impressive images. It does this using headlines, copy, videos, and images. By the end of the on-page presentation, it’s easy to see just how Canva can benefit you (no matter who you are). 

9. Small Fish Business Coaching – Landing Page for B2B Coaching Service

Снимок экрана 2023 02 02 105758

Site visitors and search algorithms both respond well to video content. One study found that 77% of people who viewed a video testimonial felt it played a significant role in their decision to buy.

Site visitors also love customer testimonials. It’s one of the best ways to create fast, powerful social proof and close new sales. 

Now, what’s better than customer testimonials or videos? Video testimonials! 

In this example, Small Fish understands that its prospective clients likely don’t have much to spend. They want to know that money invested in outside support will lead to gains in the bottom line. Seeing unscripted, spontaneous video testimonials from clients is incredibly powerful here. 

10. Airtasker – A Hyper-Focused Landing Page for Software

Снимок экрана 2023 02 02 105858

Of all the landing pages we’ve profiled, Airtasker does the best job nailing each of the core elements. There’s a video walkthrough that explains how to post a job and hire an expert. The layout is easy-to-navigate, addressing key questions and concerns. 

The result is a clean, persuasive landing page that focuses on one benefit: get more done

How to Build a Product Landing Page

If you have the time or know-how, it’s possible to build a completely custom landing page in hours. For those who don’t know how to code, landing page builders like Wix and Unbounce offer simple drag-and-drop design. 

Others SaaS products, like MailChimp, have landing page templates. You can use these to create landing pages that convert traffic without opting into new software subscriptions. 

Whether you go the DIY route or hire an expert, ensure that your landing page incorporates the elements described above. The slickest presentation in the world won’t lead to conversions if it’s not clear that you want visitors to buy. 

Likewise, even incredible photographs can’t persuade buyers to part with their cash if you don’t explain the key features and value propositions that come with your pricey product.

How to Drive Traffic to a Product Landing Page

Now that you’ve built your landing page, you want to put eyes on it! This is the only way to make the landing page work, turning your marketing budget into money. 

The same tools you use to drive traffic to other pages still apply to product landing pages. Email marketing, SEO, and Search Engine Marketing – content and ads – all work. When done right, they will send ready-to-buy customers your way, and fast. 

Our favorite channels are…

  • Paid search advertising: a paid search advertising campaign with Google Ads, Facebook Ads, or Instagram Ads will help you make sales quickly. 
  • Content marketing: content for social channels and SEO is the best long-term investment you can make, in terms of traffic acquisition. We even created a TikTok content sister company, Trend FM, because we feel this is so important. 

There are other valuable, important ways to generate traffic for your landing pages. Three to consider this year are… 

  • Links on social media channels: share links to your product landing page via social media accounts. Encourage followers to share the page with their own followers. 
  • Influencer marketing: reach out to influencers (including nano and micro-influencers) and pay them to send people to your landing page. Alternatively, collaborate with brands to create landing pages together with influencers. 
  • Content mentions: add a call to action to your blog posts, social media captions and videos. Encourage visitors to follow a link to the landing page wherever appropriate. 

So, What Did We Learn?

Your landing page is where the magic happens. It’s where you turn new site visitors into customers and grow your revenue. 

The 6 landing page elements you want on every landing page are: 

  • A catchy headline
  • A unique value proposition
  • A clear product description
  • Social proof (e.g. via testimonials)
  • High-quality visuals and creatives
  • A call to action 

Want to turn your landing pages into cash machines that feed money into your business? 

Talk to us. Our 150+ marketing experts drive over $100 million in revenue for clients each month. We’ve made and tested thousands of landing pages – and we’d love to share our knowledge and expertise with you. 
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