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Lauren’s Baby [Brand Strategy] Shower

By Evan Bryce 6 December, 2023, 2 mins read
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Lauren said she didn’t want a Baby Shower at Megaphone… so instead, we put together an exclusive breakfast for maternity/baby brands to chat marketing strategy in the space.

Authenticity and personalisation are more present here than any other sector — these were just two of Lauren’s most notable recommendations to maternity/baby brands looking to take things to the next level in 2024.

Thanks to the special guest speakers SRC Health and Tooshies for sharing their incredibly helpful insights

Topics of the day included:

  • Ways to retain customers through the first trimester in 2024?
  • The consumer lifecycle; from pregnancy to post-partum to motherhood and then life-long brand advocates.
  • Methods to get new customers in slower periods.
  • Considerations for 2024 that are new or different to other years.
  • The challenges or mistakes each brand had faced.
  • Best pieces of business advice.
  • Best pieces of marketing advice.
  • Best pieces of baby advice for Lauren.

All The Amazing Insights, Summed Up

1. Customer Retention Strategies

Tooshies: For the brand Tooshies, maintaining customer engagement throughout the first trimester of 2024 is a priority. They rely on retention through email flows and emphasise educating customers about their products. The brand doesn’t rush with short burst SMS marketing but rather focuses on consistent and educational email campaigns.

SRC Health: SRC Health recognises that the customer journey is crucial. Their customers span the stages of pregnancy, postpartum, and beyond. They prioritise guiding customers through this journey with a focus on awareness, consideration, and conversion. SRC Health uses email nurturing campaigns to educate customers and build credibility.

2. Strategies for Slow Sales Periods

Q1 can be challenging for sales due to school holidays and personal time. To combat this, Tooshies and SRC employ a handful of strategies. These include attending expos to hear from customers directly, refining target markets, and investing in digital advertising to reach new customers during this slower period.

3. Considerations for 2024

Both Tooshies and SRC Health are preparing for market shifts in 2024. Tooshies plans to innovate ways to contain cost rises while maintaining product quality, with a focus on events for emotional connections with customers.

SRC Health remains committed to evidence-based practices, investing heavily in research and development. They also acknowledge the importance of adapting to evolving trends.

4. Challenges and Mistakes

Acknowledging that business isn’t always smooth sailing, the brands reflect on challenges and mistakes, Tooshies emphasises the importance of responsive customer service and community-building to address issues that pop up.

SRC Health focuses on optimising budget allocation and ensuring they’re present where their customers are.

Both brands recognise that return on investment takes time and sustained effort.

The Main Takeaways

In conclusion, customer retention, creative marketing during slow periods, adapting to market shifts, and learning from challenges are vital aspects of success for baby and maternity brands coming into 2024. By implementing these strategies and staying adaptable, you’ll be well and truly prepared to navigate the ever-changing landscape of the baby and maternity industry.

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The Event In A Nutshell

Baby {Brand Strategy} Shower

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