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10-Step Guide To Growing Your TikTok Presence

By Lauren Lietzow 9 June, 2022, 7 mins read

Social trends come and go, but every now and then one comes along to stay. 

With over two billion global downloads, TikTok is growing faster than we can say Doja Cat and we need to grow with it. So if you’re still saying “what is a tic tac?” then it’s time to listen up. 

Whether you don’t speak Gen Z and are reluctant to call yourself a TikToker, or you’re new to the TikTok-sphere and want to be noticed, we’ve got you.

People’s attention is a valuable commodity, and it’s crystal clear that so much of it is on TikTok – here’s how you get it.

1. Identify Your Audience

Tiktok Audience
Showing your product on TikTok

In order to attract new followers, it’s important to understand who already follows you. 

If you’re new to TikTok, then who follows you on Instagram? What do your followers watch on TikTok? If your fans are scrolling for the aesthetically pleasing vlogs, then that’s a pretty big clue as to what you want to be posting.

Creating or swapping to a business account on TikTok is an easy (and smart) move. Here you can reap the rewards of your new best friend: audience data. 

Knowing who follows you and how they engage with your content will quickly create a roadmap to where you want to be taking your TikTok presence. 

As is the case with any marketing strategy, it’s important to leave emotion at the door and focus on the data.

2. Ride The Trend Wave

Chances are you’ve seen a group of giggling teens dedicate a day to a TikTok dance. The keys to these viral dance moves are the catchy songs that drive them into global crazes. 

Has Celine Dion been coming back to you lately? You can thank TikTok for that. 

Record companies are pushing artists to create the next trending sound because they know TikTok’s algorithm will far surpass the reach of any global tour. 

Do as the record labels do and jump on the trending tracks – this is a super effective way to reach the masses with your videos. 

Ride the trend wave and give your audiences the catchy tunes they vibe with! 

3. Hashtags Are Not Dead

Hashtags are not the #cringe misuse of social media that we see spread across Boomers’ Facebook pages. In fact, they are vital to spreading your content far and wide throughout the TikTok world.  

The key to appearing on a user’s For You page is befriending a trending hashtag. This will get your video in front of way more eyes than an attractive video alone. It’s important to use hashtags that are relevant to your video. 

An easy way to gauge what’s relevant is to check out other creators who produce content that is similar to what you’re going for – #inspo. 

Moral of the story: don’t shy away from hashtags. Love hashtags, embrace hashtags, and scale your content’s reach with the right hashtags!

Keep in mind: odds are slim of topping the charts for #TikTokVideo. Instead, niche down. What is your product or service? What makes you as a brand stand out? The likelihood of appearing on page 1 for #skincarehacksformen is far greater than #makeup.

4. Proper Timing is Essential

Imagine this: you master the moves to create some top-notch content all for it to be lost in the night because you’ve posted at the wrong time. 

While the early hours are a great time to plan your content, you may want to hold off on uploading until you know your followers are scrolling. 

Again, check the data. The business end of the app is your friend in knowing exactly when your existing and prospective followers are scrolling to find those primetime slots!

5. Educate Your Followers About Your Brand

tiktoker brand advertising

Another amazing way to grow your audience is to make it clear who you are and what you stand for. Just like you can tell a lot about your followers with audience data, they know you from your content. 

Experts know that authenticity builds trust and trust sells a product. 

So who are you? What do you stand for? Why should audiences trust you enough to follow and be influenced by your content?

In a crowded ecommerce landscape, authentic and relatable content (not to mention engaging) is what will help you stand out.

6. Go OMNICHANNEL – Share Your TikTok Videos On Other Platforms

Cross-promotion. One more time for the people in the back – cross-promotion! 

Well, TikTok may be a pretty strong cog in a well-oiled social media machine, but there are others working to grow your presence too. 

Use existing Instagram, Facebook, YouTube and Pinterest accounts, as well as EDMs, your website and any other platforms you might be on (Snapchat, for one) to share your TikTok content. 

A simple Instagram story with the TikTok watermark is a great way to send your Instagram audience straight over to your TikTok!

On the flip side, by using apps like SnapTik or TikSave, you can save your TikTok content to post organically on other platforms. As long as the aesthetic fits your brand image, it’s a mighty efficiency hack.

7. Collaborate With Other TikTokers

Two’s a party, and a good ol’ fashion TikTok collab is where it’s at. 

Many think Instagram when the phrase ‘influencer marketing’ is thrown around, but it’s blown up on TikTok too. 

Don’t be fooled, more followers isn’t always best, so don’t stress if you don’t boast an Addison Rae following. 

Getting your hands on genuine content by collaborating with passionate and talented creators can be huge in boosting your presence. 

So, consider a cross-promotion. Find brands and creators you know and admire and forge some mutually beneficial partnerships. What’s your current cost per acquisition? If you have to fork over a couple hundred dollars worth of product to a TikTok influencer but it results in 5 new customers for your brand, it may very well prove to be a killer investment (because we all love a good ROI). 

8. Don’t Shy Away From Challenges

Tiktok Water Bottle Challenge

Who doesn’t love a good challenge – you’re in business, right? We’re all about working smarter.

Companies are putting dollar signs in front of hashtag challenges (HTC) as a way to market their brand. Branded hashtags are a super fun way to get creative and interpret what other creators are putting out there.  

Taking part in an HTC can put your brand in the middle of a cultural trend. 

As if we needed any more proof that the humble hashtag is very much alive! (see #3)

9. Get Your Hands On User-Generated ContenT (UGC)

It’s pretty much like it sounds – content generated by users, and it’s pretty helpful in increasing your TikTok presence by helping build trust in your brand. 

People instinctively believe there’s safety in numbers, so you want to gather a healthy collection of user-generated content like treasure coins in your TikTok chest. 

Creating your own HTC or trend are great tools to source user-generated content. 

10. Try a Professional TikTok Service

Ever wondered how some digital creators seem to boost followers overnight? Well, it’s not because they’re posting late at night. And in reality, it’s not an overnight success either – it’s the wins of a strong and thought-out strategy coming to light!

And, it’s because, alongside the treasure trove of insights in this article, there are methods to growing your brand’s TikTok presence that the algorithm absolutely loves. 

Professional TikTok services are like a domino effect where the first few dominoes can help to get the platform working in your favour. Getting your account noticed in the early days boosts your chances of going viral. 

Are you still overwhelmed by the sheer possibilities of TikTok? Don’t stress – under the surface, TikTok is a pretty light-hearted platform. It strikes a happy medium between escapism, connection and education – so have fun with it! You want your videos to radiate those positive vibes – that’s what will make your audience want to engage with you!

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