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Find your dream customers with Google Display

Google Display Ads reach 90% of the web’s users. They’re what you see on YouTube, news.com.au, and other Google Partner apps and websites. They allow you to connect with current and future customers at scale.

The challenge? With so many channels, partners, and settings, Google Display Ads are tough to use. Optimising them requires extensive training and expertise. And with 4 in 5 brands using Google Display, competition is intense.

This is why hundreds of Australian brands delegate Google Display Ads to Megaphone Marketing. Our data-driven team has made $100s of millions for our businesses across every industry. Want to see what we can do for you?


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Find customers you didn’t know existed

Much of your target audience isn’t on Facebook, TikTok, or Google. These users and customers are spread around millions of smaller websites and apps. How do you reach them? With Display Ads.

Thankfully, Megaphone’s here to help. We spend over $10 million on Google Ads each month, and we know Google Display inside and out. This is why over 350 businesses trust us with their ads and marketing.

Want to see how your brand can benefit from a strong Google Display Ads plan? Sign up for a free strategy session with out of our lead strategists( usually worth $1,200) by clicking the link below.


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Top results from a Top 3% Google Premier Partner

Google Display campaigns can be immensely profitable when they’re done right. The mechanics are simple; put a dollar in, get a few dollars out.

All you need is a campaign, or campaign set, that’s profitable. That’s where Megaphone’s dedicated Google Team can help.

Your campaigns are built on learnings from thousands of clients, tens of thousands of campaigns, and hundreds of millions of dollars in client revenue — not to mention one-on-one training from Google HQ. Through daily optimisation checks, you can reach more customers and maximise your returns.

Our ability to do this – optimise bidding, targeting, copy, and more – is why we’re a Top 3% Google Premier Partner. Google trusts us to help their customers win with Google Ads. So when you’re with us, you know you’re in good hands.

You need new customers ready to buy today, but you also need to build a system that keeps them coming back, month after month.

We optimise every customer segment across every lead-generating channel so that you can achieve your business growth goals, grow your customer list, and spend more time on what matters most.


6 reasons to choose Megaphone:

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Top 3% Google partner

We’re a Top 3% Google Premier Partner. Working with us means two things. First, working with experts who get training and instructions directly from Google. Second, knowing an agency with a long, proven history of success is running your ads for you.

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The #1-rated Google Display agency in Australia

We’re the top agency in Australia. 350 brands work with us; 9 of 10 remain for the long-term. Become a Megaphone client and get a whole team of marketing experts to create your next Display campaign.

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Use our knowledge

Through experimenting with $10,000,000 in monthly ad spend, we’ve created a unique method to maximise Google Ads ROI and drive profit for your business. When you work with us, you get access to this and everything else we know.

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Proven frameworks

We’ve spent years – and over $100 million – running Google ads. We took all the data we got and used it to create powerful marketing frameworks. Work with us to use these to your benefit and get outstanding results.

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Creatives that actually sell

Want to make your offer irresistible with videos, designs, and copy customers love? We can help. Our team of experts crafts creatives that stop the scroll, tempting readers to click on your ads immediately. This decreases ad costs, increases revenue, and maximises Returns on Ad Spend.

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Customer-first attitude

Work with the agency Australian businesses trust. Get short contracts, transparent communication, and full access to all your accounts at all times. Enjoy peace of mind as you work with the country’s top agency.


Real clients, real reviews

Get your FREE $600 Google Ads Credit

As a top 3% Google Partner, our clients get a FREE ad credit of $600 from Google themselves! So get started on Google Ads, with Australia’s top Google Ads Agency.


T&Cs: Credit applied to new accounts only.

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Our clients on their amazing results

Making the switch to a marketing agency is a big decision! So why is working with Megaphone the best decision for your business? Hear from some of our amazing clients on their experience with Megaphone and the results we’ve been able to achieve!

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What are Google Display Ads?

Google Display Ads are visually engaging ads shown to users browsing a website, reading an article, or watching a video. They are displayed across the Google Display Network, which consists of 200+ million sites, videos, and apps.

Since the Google Display Network reaches 90% of internet users worldwide, its ads can help you drive more traffic, more leads, and more customers to your website and offer.

What are the 4 types of Display Ads?

The four most common types of Display Ads are responsive Display Ads, remarketing Display Ads, social Display Ads, and native Display Ads. 

Responsive Display Ads automatically adjust their format, appearance, and size according to the current ad spaces. 

Remarketing Display Ads are displayed to previous website visitors but have not yet completed the desired action.

Social Display Ads are shown on different social networks like LinkedIn and Facebook. 

Native Display Ads are shown as recommended or promoted content on a website and are not similar in appearance to other types of ads.

Do Display Ads need keywords?

Yes, keywords are essential in Display Ads. You’re not targeting based on Search queries, but Google’s algorithm and tech still need to know who your audience are. 

For example, if your target audience is campers, you should include keywords about camping in your settings. This will help Google Ads show your ads when people are browsing camping-related content, websites, and apps .

What is the difference between Google Ads and Display Ads?

Google Search ads are shown to people using Google Search. They are shown based on intent. For example, if someone is Googling “how to build a home”, they might be shown relevant ads for building materials or construction crews. 

Google Display Ads are shown to people watching YouTube videos, using apps, or browsing partner websites. Here, ads are shown to people based on a number of variables. For example, someone who’s been window shopping for bicycles might get shown bike ads.

Are Google Display Ads worth it?

Yes, Google Display Ads are worth it. They put your ads in front of billions of people on millions of websites with high Returns on Ad Spend (ROAS). It’s not uncommon to make $10 or more for each $1 invested in Google Display Ads.

What is the difference between Display Ads and PPC?

Display Ads are shown to your target audience as they read an article, watch a video, or browse a website. They can combine text, images, video, and more – so they tend to work well. When we use the term “Display Ads”, we’re talking about the format of the ad and where it appears.

Pay-Per-Click (PPC) marketing is when you pay for ads to get traffic to your website, content, app, or landing page. It refers to a specific type of ad billing system where you pay for actions taken, usually clicks. 

Display Ads are a type of Pay-Per-Click marketing tactic. All Display Ads use PPC billing, more or less. But this only works one way; Pay-Per-Click ads aren’t necessarily the same as Display Ads. They could be Search ads, for example.

How are Display Ads billed?

The majority of Display Ads are billed based using Cost-Per-Click (CPC). You get charged based on actions taken when people see your ads online and react to them. CPC doesn’t necessarily refer to clicks; it could refer to app downloads, for example.

Are Display Ads free?

The majority of display and online advertising campaigns are Cost-Per-Click (CPC). This means you pay, but only when someone takes a specific action – clicks an ad, downloads an app, etc. If no actions are taken in response to an ad, yes; Display Ads can be free.

What happens if I don’t pay Google Ads?

Your account will be suspended if you don’t pay Google Ads on time. In addition, both your contact information and credit card will be flagged. This means that Google will stop you from accessing any paid services or adding new Ads accounts until you pay them.

What should a display ad include?

Display Ads should include images – still or moving – as well as text, and URLs that link to a page with an offer.

What makes Display Ads successful?

Identifying your target audience and understanding their behaviour is key. Identify your ideal client persona, then create ads that your audience engages with. You also want to create an effective landing page with an effective Call To Action (CTA) and an easy-to-complete form or sales portal. Otherwise, your Display Ads won’t help your bottom line — even if they’re otherwise strong.