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By Liam Griffin 9 November, 2022, 2 mins read

Another string in the bow for 2022’s Company of the Year, Employer of the year, and Marketing Agency of the Year.

TL;DR: Setting the tone for all other agencies worldwide, Megaphone’s high standard of content production and execution – video, photography, writing, design and more — has earned the trailblazing agency recognition as the industry’s best. The accolade is a testament to the 120+ team who creatively execute content that helps build brands for the long-term, thanks to exceptional strategic initiatives spearheaded by CEO, Lauren Oakes, Head of Performance, Alana Sly, and Executive Content Strategist, Evan Bryce.


Honouring the industry-leading client service, top-shelf results, and envied learning-driven culture, Megaphone – Australia’s #1 Digital Marketing Agency – has won Global Large Content Marketing Agency Of The Year in the 2022 Global Content Awards.

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Megaphone’s creative department works in tandem with data experts, marketing strategists, digital strategists and business development specialists to create content that not only impresses viewers, but more importantly, serves the purpose of growing audiences, increasing brand awareness, and attracting more customers. 

A WORLD FIRST — trendfm, a TikTok Growth Agency:

Megaphone is the parent company of trendfm, Australia’s first organic-to-paid TikTok business growth offering. Taking the learnings from hundreds of millions of dollars worth of marketing learnings, and blending it with modern business growth strategies and trending techniques, trendfm blends creative with performance to help businesses get results.

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The Global Agency Awards “celebrate excellence in content marketing and rewards agencies and in-house teams across the world”.

Continuing the momentum

The Global Content Awards winner status follows two years of exceptional accolades, highlighted by being crowned Australia’s #1 Social Media agency in 2021.

Thanks to the growth-driven team, forethinking management, and constant team-wide attitude to never settle for second-best, Megaphone’s list of recent awards includes:

  • Employer of the Year – 2022
  • Company of the Year – 2022
  • Marketing Agency of the Year – 2022
  • Deloitte Fast 50 – 2022
  • Most Innovative Agency of the Year – 2022
  • SmartCompany Smart50 – 2022, 2021
  • Woman of the Year for CEO Lauren Oakes – 2022

“Being named a winner in the content niche honours the innovation, care, and creativity that sits at the heart of our agency. It’s how we’ve become the world’s best agency (and most enjoyable workplace). The recognition is the reward for the dedication of each and every team member to be the very best version of themselves on both a professional and personal level.

It’s this intrinsic craving to evolve ourselves which is the springboard for everything we do. It’s the reason we’ve seen such stellar growth over the last 24 months and been able to expand into the USA and the UK. Onwards and upwards.”

— Lauren Oakes

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About Megaphone

Megaphone is a leading international digital marketing agency, voted Australia’s #1 Social Media Agency in 2021 and Company of the Year in 2022. Megaphone has helped clients of every size and scale achieve unprecedented results through innovative, data-led digital marketing strategies. 

Besides its expertise in content, Megaphone, being a full-service agency, also boasts groundbreaking expertise across SEO, content, social, branding, PR, advertising, and paid media – a full suite of which Megaphone offers to its diverse eCommerce and service business clientele.

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