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Megaphone Marketing Named Best Social Media Agency of the Year 2021

By Liam Griffin 11 November, 2021, 2 mins read

The hard work, hunger and creativity of the Megaphone team paid off this year, as we’ve been named 2021’s Best Social Media Agency of the year by the Social Media Marketing Institute Social Media Marketing Awards (that’s a lot of ‘social media’s, so let’s go with SMMA).

Australia's #1 Social media agency of the year 2021
Presented by the Social Media Marketing Institute

This is a pretty big deal. The SMMA attract some of the best in the biz, with an independent jury of industry leaders painstakingly determining the winner based on cumulative points across a range of criteria. It’s an invaluable opportunity for creative marketers, solo, teams, and agencies, to be celebrated for making waves in an incredibly competitive space.

And we couldn’t be prouder to take the gold.

“We know the calibre of competition in the Social Media Marketing Awards and we’re very excited to be named the number one agency. It’s a much-appreciated reflection of our tireless work to be the very best in the industry.”

Lauren Oakes, Megaphone Marketing CEO

For us, it’s not enough to be a halfway decent, or even a great, digital marketing agency. We want to be the best, and that means achieving results no one else can. Finding and nurturing the brightest minds. Leveraging mutually beneficial relationships with Facebook and Google, and, the ultimate secret to our success:

The Megaphone Marketing Vortex.

Put simply, big data allows us to intelligently test, test, test and refine, at a truly massive scale. That’s how we’re built a reputation as a trailblazer, by crafting innovative, effective strategies for businesses of all shapes and sizes.

Like this eCommerce client we recently achieved over $1.1m in sales for… in just 3 months.

It hasn’t been easy. If nothing else, this last year has been one for change – and we’re no exception. We managed a lightning-fast pivot to remote work, and lockdowns decimating the advertising budget of many of our clients – all while doubling the size of our workforce. 

Making this AMMA announcement even sweeter.

We’d like to get on our soapbox and thank the Social Media Marketing Institute, the SMMA judges for their critical eye, our team for working their butts off, and our clients, for consistently putting their faith in us.

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