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Content Creation Guide for Health/Wellness Businesses

By Karina Chilibeck 7 February, 2024, 5 mins read
Content Creation Guide For Healthwellness Businesses

Are you an Australian marketer or business owner with a health/wellness brand? Then, you probably know how important it is to create high-quality content to attract new customers. In our tech-centric world, there are more opportunities than ever for businesses to leverage content, and health/wellness brands tend to be at the forefront. Are you going to be left behind?

In this content creation guide, we will tell you everything you need to create valuable content relating to your health/wellness business to get more customers. It all starts with knowing how to build a unique voice and adapt content to different types of platforms. But before…

First Things First: Knowing Your Health/Wellness Business!

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One crucial aspect of high-quality content is consistency. We will be looking at it a bit later. But for now, consistency is important to explain why it is so essential for health/wellness marketers and business owners to know their business before starting to create content.

A lot could be said about what knowing your business entails, but these are the fundamentals:

  1. Know your target audience: Your content should speak to your target audience, so finding your ideal customers is fundamental.
  2. Define a Unique Selling Proposition: A Unique Selling Proposition will help you summarise your health/wellness business in as little as one sentence. Use this information to make sure your content highlights the uniqueness of your business.

Once you feel like you know your business, it’s time to consider some of the most important platforms where your content can be promoted. This matters to content creation for obvious reasons: after all, making a TikTok video is nothing like making an Instagram Story!

Building a Unique Voice for Your Health/Wellness Brand

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Once more, we start with… Consistency! The key to building a unique voice for your health/wellness brand is to be consistent. If you’re being serious, stay serious; if you’re playful and colourful, don’t let the fun stop; if you’re inspirational and mysterious, continue to make those Instagram quotes pop!

Consistency, however, doesn’t just apply to your brand’s posture: it should also reflect in all of your branding materials, from your logo and colour scheme to your visuals and ads.

If you have a unique voice, and it is consistent, your potential customers will immediately recognise that your content is related to your health/wellness brand. This way, they will not only be more sensitive to your content but also grow more familiar with your business.

While outside the health/wellness niche, the following brands have developed incredibly unique and consistent voices, best exemplified in their Instagram profiles:

  • Halo Top Australia: This Aussie brand with roughly 50 thousand followers makes a splash on Instagram by pushing its Unique Value Proposition to the limit: “Lose weight while eating ice cream!”
  • Old Spice: “MUSCLES. SMELLS. LAZERS. GIFS!” Old Spice’s Insta description is emblematic of the brand’s voice, which is all about humour, engaging with followers, and pop-culture satires.
  • Wendy’s: Much like Old Spice, Wendy’s gathered more than one million Instagram followers by being extreme and sharing dank memes pretty much every day.
  • Shopify: Despite also engaging in humour, Shopify deserves your attention because of its brilliantly consistent content design and colour scheme.

Adapting Content to Different Types of Platforms

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For a few suggestions more tailored for health/wellness businesses specifically, let’s now look at how to adapt content to different types of platforms:

  1. Blogs: When customers read about health/wellness, they are normally looking for one of two things: facts and inspirational recommendations. If you’re making blog posts about health, make sure you’re sharing fact-based content that hits the mark (getting some guest posts from experts is a huge plus)! If you’re making blog posts about wellness, then focus on popular trends, nutrition, fitness routines, feel-good stories, and mental health content.
  2. Images: The health/wellness niche relies on visuals to make an impression, so ensure that your images focus on more than just your products. While your product should be present, your brand’s visual content should reflect a certain lifestyle or moral ground. If you have an essential oils business, for example, place the oils in an environment that reflects a higher sense of purpose, like a beautiful beach, a temple, or wherever comes to mind.
  3. Videos: Videos are great for explaining things to people, so why don’t you use them to show your followers and potential customers how great your products are? In the health/wellness niche, this can include everything from how-to tutorials to videos with funny wellness hacks. You can also share testimonials of happy customers!
  4. Podcasts: With more than 460 million listeners worldwide, podcasts are pretty huge right now. And yes, they’re also game-changers for your health/wellness business. When listening to a health/wellness podcast, most people are looking for valuable insights, interviews with industry experts, and interesting in-depth topics.
  5. Infographics: Infographics are great for showing people how great your brand has been doing. Are you proud of your recent conversion rate? Then share its quarterly evolution with your customer base by placing it in a convenient infographic. For even more valuable infographic content, conduct scientific studies, market research, and inquiries.

Content Creation for Health/Wellness Businesses: What Comes Next?

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Once you have great content, adapted to different types of platforms, all that’s left is promoting it. This goes beyond content creation and involves a lot of digital marketing. However, we couldn’t leave you without sharing a few essentials about it with you:

  1. Use engagement strategies such as quizzes and polls to keep your followers interested. Don’t forget to answer their comments and private messages.
  2. Select the most relevant social media platforms. For the health/wellness niche, Instagram is a clear favourite.
  3. Partner with influencers and other businesses to reach a wider audience.
  4. Collect and share User-Generated Content.
  5. Optimise all your content with good SEO practices, engaging in keyword research, metatext optimisation, the perfect landing page, and good Call-to-Action placement.

We hope this content creation guide for health/wellness businesses proves useful to you. Namaste!

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