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The TikTok revolution is here; keep up or get left behind

8 million Australians are on TikTok each day. On average, they spend an hour on the platform – and make important buying decisions there. 2 in 3 consumers go shopping after using TikTok. Even more – 72% – connect to the brands they see on an emotional level. So whether you want sales, business growth, or your brand as a household name… TikTok will get you there.

The best part?

TikTok is a young platform with immense organic reach. Create and publish the right kind of content consistently and users will see it. Just entertain, educate, and engage with your audience consistently. Not sure how? Talk to us. As Australia’s #1 TikTok agency, we’ll happily show you how TikTok can grow your business. Thousands of brands and influencers make millions on the platform. So do dozens of our clients. There’s no reason you can’t, too.


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Grow your reach, grow your brand

TikTok users are eager to buy what they see on TikTok. So long as they keep seeing your content, they’ll shop with you. Grow your reach enough and your product starts flying off the proverbial shelf.

The trick is, you do have to publish quality content each week. And this is where most brands get stuck.

You have to create new content constantly… You have to make sure it’s what consumers want… And you have to “get” TikTok’s young audience and what they respond to.

This is really difficult, especially if you’re a busy brand (or solopreneur).

Lucky for you, the team at Megaphone has their finger on the pulse when it comes to TikTok.

We combine your vision with data-led, trend-focused creation processes. We use our in-house studio and team of 150+ marketers to do it all for you.

We grow your reach. We create content that gets views, likes, and follows. We make your TikToks revenue magnets – they bring in money, not just social media stats.

If you want to watch your view count, follower count, and sales figures explode, you need the Global Content Marketing Agency of the Year by your side.


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Why Megaphone?

TikTok marketing can be complicated. Why we’re great at it isn’t.

  • We make millions for our clients every month with TikTok as one of the core drivers.
  • We’re a TikTok Gold Partner, with training directly from TikTok.
  • We have an in-house studio and a team of 150+ cross-channel marketing experts. No other agency can give you the quality and expertise in such immediate fashion.

Want content that stops the scroll, drives engagement, and moves product? Then get in touch.


The Megaphone Difference

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Millions of views, millions of dollars

We don't just create viral videos. We create content that helps increase your omnichannel and multi-touchpoint revenue.

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Data-Driven Content

We use data insights from working with 350+ clients to pinpoint what users love and engage with.

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A Team You Can Trust

With over 150+ marketing experts and 10 years in media buying and content creation, we’re the #1 TikTok team in Australia.

Want to discover new audiences and more customers?

Ready to take over TikTok? Tell us all about your goals and we’ll craft a custom TikTok strategy for your business, free of charge.

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11 Years Growing Businesses. 100 Awards & Counting.

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2023’s Top TikTok Advertising Company
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AFR Top 100 Companies 2023
Australian Financial Review Fast Starters

Real clients, real reviews

Our clients on their amazing results

Making the switch to a marketing agency is a big decision! So why is working with Megaphone the best decision for your business? Hear from some of our amazing clients on their experience with Megaphone and the results we’ve been able to achieve!

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What does a TikTok agency do?

A TikTok agency helps businesses and individuals manage their accounts and publish content on TikTok. This includes developing a content strategy, creating videos, and delivering strategic results. A TikTok agency assists clients in increasing their exposure and engagement on the platform to reach and interact with their target audience.

Should I hire a TikTok agency?

If you want to boost your presence on TikTok but lack the time or experience to do it yourself, the answer’s “yes”. TikTok agencies like Megaphone have the resources to help you reach a broader audience and boost your visibility on the platform. We’ll produce and promote content that increases engagement while delivering excellent return on investment (ROI).

How do I contact a TikTok agency?

There are several ways to get in touch with a TikTok agency. You can contact Megaphone at any of our 5 offices or by email at [email protected]. You can also contact us through our social media sites.

Can TikTok ban you for buying views?

Yes, TikTok can ban you from buying views. TikTok has a strict policy against using any artificial method to boost your views or interaction, including buying views. This is seen as a breach of their terms of service and may lead to the suspension or banning of your account. While buying views can increase the popularity of your account fast, it is neither ethical nor viable to expand your audience this way.

Why do some TikToks get little views?

TikTok is a platform with fierce competition. If your content is not high-quality or engaging, it may be difficult for your brand to stand out. The TikTok algorithm is built to first show content to a limited selection of users and then, if engagement is high, to a larger audience. If you do not target the correct audience, your content may not be seen by the people who are most likely to be interested in it.

How many views should my first TikTok get?

The number of views your first TikTok should get depends on many factors. This includes the quality of your content, the size of your existing audience, and how you optimise your video for the platform. If you want to make sure you get as many views as possible, and maybe go viral, it’s best to hire experts – like the team at Megaphone.

How do I increase views on TikTok?

You can increase your TikTok views by producing high-quality, relevant content for your target audience. Collaborating with other creators will also help you in reaching a new audience and increasing your views. The best potential way to boost your views is by working with a TikTok agency to determine the best strategies for you and your audience.

How can a TikTok growth agency increase my sales?

A TikTok growth agency can help you boost your revenue by putting your brand in front of potential customers. For example, Megaphone will help you identify your target audience and create a marketing strategy tailored to their interests and needs. We’ll help you optimise your profile so that potential clients can locate and follow you with ease. We monitor and evaluate your engagements to determine what is effective and ineffective so that we can make the necessary adjustments.

Is growing my brand on TikTok profitable?

TikTok’s platform gives you access to a vast and active audience, making brand development there profitable. TikTok has over 1 billion active users, making it a significant platform for brands looking to interact with specific demographics. It is important to keep in mind that developing your brand on TikTok takes consistent work and a solid strategy. A TikTok agency can assist you with developing a content strategy, creating engaging content, and connecting with your target audience. This can help you accomplish your company objectives and increase your revenue.

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