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With 9 billion daily searches, everyone’s on Google. This includes your customers when they’re in buy-now mode; 9 in 10 Australians search online before making a purchase.

The good news is, getting seen by these people is a sure way to get instant leads and sales.

The bad news? With no SEO strategy, you won’t show up when they make a Google search. They’ll never even be aware your business is out there… Or worse, they’ll find (and buy from) your competitors instead.

Want to do better? We’re happy to help. As Australia’s #1-rated marketing agency, we’re giving you a $1,200 strategy call to help your SEO starting today!

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SEO (aka Search Engine Optimisation) ranks your website higher in Google’s search results. Once someone sees you there and clicks through to your website, all you need to do is make the sale!

The problem is, Australian agencies often offshore their SEO work to subcontractors who don’t understand Australian consumers, markets, or marketing best practices.

Megaphone has a local Brisbane office where we hire top Brisbane SEO experts to serve you. Our team knows the best way to target your unique audience and deliver results. This is something you just can’t get with an agency from abroad.

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How we bring keen customers to your door…

We’ve spent millions of dollars on keyword planning, content marketing, acquiring backlinks, and all things SEO.

With our knowledge, we synthesise a huge amount of research and data to create a tailor-made SEO plan for your needs. We look back at our own winning SEO campaigns and revisit them to see what works today – and what’s stopped working.

Once we’re done, we create SEO campaigns that drive traffic and convert visitors into leads and customers. Then we keep optimising and scaling until we smash through yesterday’s impossible goals.

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Ready to climb to the top spot on Google search results? Tell us all about your goals and we’ll craft a custom SEO strategy for your business.

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Our clients on their amazing results

Making the switch to a marketing agency is a big decision! So why is working with Megaphone the best decision for your business? Hear from some of our amazing clients on their experience with Megaphone and the results we’ve been able to achieve!

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Get a Free SEO Strategy Session
(worth $1200)

Ready to climb to the top spot on Google search results? Tell us all about your goals and we’ll craft a custom SEO strategy for your business.

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#1 SEO Marketing Agency in Brisbane


Why does SEO affect Google search results?

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) shapes a website to be more in line with what Google wants. When this is done well, Google likes your website, landing page, or blog post more – and gives it a higher ranking. You’re basically catering  to Google’s algorithm, playing into what Google likes to see from a website or landing page. This is why SEO affects Search results.

How does SEO affect my customers?

The short answer is, SEO gets you more customers. The more people see your website, the higher your online traffic and the more touchpoints you’re in contact with. This gives you a better chance of being seen by your customers, and of converting strangers (cold traffic).

The long answer is, SEO puts your content at the top of Google’s Search results. Potential customers can educate themselves as they research their purchase using your content. This keeps you front of mind through the customer journey while putting you in front of prospects more often.

Why is SEO so important for marketing?

Search engine optimisation helps your website become more visible, which means more traffic, which in turn translates into more customers. It’s a source of free traffic, organic business growth, and both leads and sales.

Why should I pay for SEO?

SEO gets you traffic, often high-intent traffic in the form of ready-to-buy customers. It’s a high-ROI marketing tactic used by brands who want to grow and scale. The ROI of SEO campaigns is high compared to most other channels, including ubiquitous Social platforms.

It should be noted that SEO is a long-term game that requires patience and consistency. Once your content has been published on the web, it will continue to help you for as long as it remains online. You are only going to benefit from your PPC campaign as long as you continue to pay for it.

What realistic goals for SEO can I set?

There are 3 main SEO goals. The first is traffic, e.g. “get 20,000 monthly Google visitors”. The second is rankings, e.g. “rank #1 for Best Lawyer Sydney”. The third is specific business outcomes, e.g. enough traffic and rankings to double your revenue. 

In order for your outcome goal to be successful, it should be SMART: specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and time-based. The more you lean into the SMART acronym, the better. 

For example: “rank in the top 3 of Google for Home Repair Brisbane in 6 months” is better than “rank highly”. This goal is specific and relevant, plus more likely to lead to an increase in revenue for your business.

Why should I hire locally for SEO?

With SEO, two things matter the most. The first is content, i.e. writing, and the second is backlinks: links from other domains that tell Google you are trustworthy. 

Local SEOs provide high-quality content and high-quality backlinks. With these, your business has higher visibility in search engines and ends up with more traffic, more leads, more sales, etc . 

Hiring people from other countries, especially non-English speaking ones, will hurt your SEO. It gives you content that’s clearly non-native and often low-quality, making you seem cheap. The backlinks you get are from other countries, which Google doesn’t like. And so on and so forth.

Will SEO be a long-term strategy?

Yes! SEO works for years when done right. It also takes 9-12 months to show results and months to start making a difference. So, SEO is for sure long-term. The one caveat is that you do need to keep putting money in SEO for months if you want it to keep working.

How much should I pay someone for SEO?

You’re looking to pay $3k+ per month for quality, manual work. This refers to high-quality on-page content and quality backlinks. Both require a lot of manual work, and under $3k in spend is nothing in comparison to the returns from SEO.

Is SEO still in demand?

As of 2022, Google dominates the search engine market by a huge 92%, making SEO for Google searches more competitive and necessary than ever before.

Can you do SEO yourself?

Yes, but it’s gotten so tough and competitive you’re much better off hiring someone. Otherwise, doing SEO will distract you from your business due to how time-consuming it is. It can easily take 10-20 hours per week to manage a mid-size SEO website.

What kind of SEO trends to look for 2023?

One trend is Google Image Search will become more important as people look for images more often instead of text-based searches.

There are also fewer top results on the first page of a Google search: you’re lucky to get up to 9 results these days, in comparison to the traditional “top 10”. 

Google will also take over more of their own SERPs with snippets and featured content, squeezing website owners and brands out of the first page.