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How To Optimise Internet Marketing For Your Specific Industry

By Liam Griffin 4 May, 2022, 6 mins read

The ability to cater your business to individual customers has started to become a growing marketing trend. Scratch that – it’s not a trend, it’s a necessity. 

Why? Because in an age where personalisation and genuine human connection are what separate successful businesses from the herd, it offers any industry the capability to deliver precisely what their customers are looking for. This is a game changer as it also has the potential to significantly boost customer loyalty.

This is called personalization, and digital marketing has helped this concept move far beyond simply knowing customers by name. 

Today, internet marketing is no longer a luxury—it’s non-negotiable. Internet users worldwide spend six hours and 58 minutes online each day. Just let that sink in.

Internet marketing is your perfect opportunity to connect with this vast audience on a personal level. If you don’t have an effective digital marketing campaign for your business, one which can maximise the enormous opportunity at hand,  you’re letting your chance to attract more customers slip.

Want to know how to grow your business with the power of the world wide web? Here are seven ideas on how you can optimise internet marketing for your specific industry.

1. Prioritise Local SEO

Regardless of which industry you belong to, perfecting search engine optimization (SEO) is a crucial step in digital marketing. SEO is king in terms of acquiring organic traffic to your business’ website – what that means is, ultimately, it is a way of attracting new customers to your door. If you’re in the fashion industry, for instance, when someone types “affordable ladies shoes near me,” it’s your SEO rating that will determine how quickly potential customers will find you.

There are several ways you can boost your local SEO. One is by creating a blog on your website containing high-quality, engaging, and relevant content. Another is by ensuring that every page of your site utilises local keywords, as well as various kinds of SEO coding, whether in the form of headings, pictures, videos, etc.

More importantly, ensure that your business address and contact information are listed in various places on your website and are easy to find.

2. Take Advantage of Influencer Marketing

Any business nowadays can benefit from influencer marketing. To cater to your target audience better, consider working with influencers in your industry. If you’re in the food business, for instance, look for food-specific personalities in your location who have a loyal—and most importantly—engaged following. 

To kickstart the relationship, reach out and invite influencers to try your products for free. If they enjoy your products, you can create a contract with them. You can then pay them a certain fee or gift them with a package of your products in exchange for them promoting your brand.

3. Create Guides And Tutorials

User guides and tutorials are an excellent way to gain customer loyalty while simultaneously leveraging the power of free advertising. Let’s say you’re providing home cleaning services and have quite a following online—one thing you can do is create a guide on cleaning the house systematically. If you’re selling fashion products, on the other hand, you can provide style guides on your websites that will help site visitors visualise various fashion combinations. 

This may seem a simple gesture, but it’s one way your followers will know that you are sincere in adding value to their life and are not simply after their money.

These guides not only position you as the expert in your field, but also act as a lead generation system—by offering a free guide in exchange for an email address, prospective customers have now become part of your email marketing strategy. 

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4. Use Email Marketing

Speaking of email marketing, implementing targeted and strategic email flows is a  longstanding and proven digital marketing strategy. But first, you will need to create a list of email subscribers. You can gain subscribers through your website or through social media (or through the free guides mentioned in #3). Once a customer subscribes to your email, you can automate a set of emails that are sent at least once a week (otherwise known as a “flow”). 

The emails should be written in a friendly tone and one that expresses gratitude while lightly pushing your subscribers to avail themselves once again of your services. At the same time, your emails should contain content that can add value to the lives of your customers, such as promotions and discounts. Otherwise, your subscribers will eventually just ignore your emails and send them directly to trash.

5. Engage With Your Audience

Consistency is key when it comes to internet marketing. If you want your target audience to remember your brand when they need a service or product that you offer, you must put in the effort to become consistent in terms of customer engagement. It’s not enough that you run an advertising campaign every few months.

This doesn’t mean that you need to spend thousands of dollars to keep customers availing themselves of your services. In reality, it’s the little things that matter. 

This includes updating your website regularly, publishing relevant content at least twice a week both on your blog and social media page, and advertising new products or promos items. Running contests on social media that highlight the values your brand and your customers share is also an excellent means of effective engagement.

6. Perfect Your Business Website

Even if you own a physical store or agency, your storefront is not the actual face of your company. At least not anymore in this digital age. Almost 90% of consumers who search for products and services online judge the credibility of a business based on its website. If they don’t feel your website is authentic or credible enough, they will bounce off and continue their search elsewhere.

That said, you need to ensure that your website is professional and user-friendly. Whether you’re in the health industry, food industry, finance, or tourism, and regardless of what products and services you offer, you have to ensure that your website is fully optimised for potential customers. 

7. Retarget Your Audience

Finally, use retargeting strategies to remind people who have visited your website of your products or services after they have left your website without performing any action. 97% of consumers who visit a website for the first time leave without purchasing anything. Retargeting is one strategy you can use to encourage those people to return to your website and buy something.

People who have visited your website once in the past are primary targets for this kind of strategy. You can retarget them by offering them deals and discounts they can’t resist. Those who add items to their online cart but don’t end up buying them should also be on top of your retargeting priority.

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