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Megaphone Marketing Continues to Recognise the Value of Small Businesses Across Australia

By Liam Griffin 28 April, 2020, 1 min read

Megaphone Marketing has been providing award winning digital marketing support to clients across Australia for almost a decade. We help our clients generate over $11 on every dollar they spend — a 1100% return on investment! While we serve businesses of all sizes, we want to praise our small business clients today!

Small businesses drive the Australian economy. Not only do they provide jobs to millions of Australians, they also drive innovation in our great country. However, small businesses across Australia are hurting as a result of the COVID 19 pandemic and ensuing lockdown. We’ve been assisting small businesses with digital marketing and social media marketing efforts, working hard to ensure that small businesses can hit the ground running as we reopen the economy!

One thing that you can do to support your favourite small businesses during this time is to leave them a rating or review online! Love your local restaurant? Leave them a review on TripAdvisor. Have a favourite hairdresser or barber? Go on to Google Reviews and write them something nice. Have a favourite marketing service or other B2B service provider? Head on over to Clutch to show them some love!

Clutch, and their sister site The Manifest, our are ratings and reviews platforms of choice! Clutch provides business help by providing resources for buyers. Their dedicated team of analysts take the time to individually interview independently verified clients of B2B service providers, presenting the results in a case study style format. If you’re looking to purchase B2B services, Clutch is the gold standard. That’s why we’re honoured to maintain a perfect 5.0 star rating average on the site!

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In a recent glowing review, Stephanie Bailey, the Founder and Creative Director of Mama Muse Pvt. Ltd discussed the social media marketing work and campaigns that we did for her online maternal brand. Our work caused a boost in sales and brand awareness in just a short amount of time, as we matched their voice and image. She praises our communication, calling it professional and consistent, and our ideas, calling them creative and results driven!

“”I loved their innovative ideas around creative that ‘stops the scroll!'” — Stephanie Bailey, Founder & Creative Director of Mama Muse Pvt. Ltd

We are incredibly grateful for small businesses and our many satisfied customers. If you’re interested in joining their ranks, please contact us today!

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