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How To Grow an eCommerce Sports Brand to 7 Figures Through Digital Marketing

By Karina Chilibeck 22 January, 2024, 4 mins read
How To Grow An Ecommerce Sports Brand

Sport is an essential part of Australian culture. According to the Australian Government Department of Health and Aged Care, more than 90% of Australian adults have an interest in sports, with 13 million adults and 3 million children taking part in some form of sports activity each year.

In an industry where revenue is projected to hit more than $70 million annually, there’s no shortage of opportunities for business. Not all eCommerce sports brands in Australia will make it to 7 figures, but can yours get ahead with the help of a good digital marketing strategy?

To get you inspired, we have listed 7 digital-marketing golden rules for growing your sports brand to 7 figures:

1. Be Present… Online!

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To make your eCommerce sports brand stand out in the crowded online marketplace, the first step is to build a strong online presence. This includes creating a well-designed, user-friendly website that showcases your products effectively. Your website should offer a seamless shopping experience, making it easy for customers to find and purchase their favourite sports gear.

Additionally, invest in a responsive design to ensure your site looks and functions well on both desktop and mobile devices. In Australia, 55.19% of online traffic comes from mobile users, so a mobile-friendly site is crucial for success.

2. SEO Everything

Search engine optimisation (SEO) is a cornerstone of digital marketing. Optimising your website for search engines helps improve your online visibility and drives organic traffic. 

When it comes to the sports niche, targeting keywords related to specific sports, equipment, and brands is essential. For instance, if your eCommerce store specialises in cricket gear, target keywords like “best cricket bats in Australia” or “affordable cricket balls.” Utilise professional SEO tools such as Semrush to get the best possible results in your keyword research.

Creating high-quality, informative content that caters to the interests of sports enthusiasts can also help improve your website’s search engine ranking. Consistently updating your blog with relevant content, product descriptions, and category pages optimised for SEO is essential for success in the Australian market.

3. Embrace Social Media Marketing

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Social media is a powerful tool for eCommerce sports brands in Australia. Create and maintain active profiles on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok, and engage with your audience regularly. Use visually appealing content, such as high-quality images and videos, to showcase your products in action. Share user-generated content and leverage user reviews and testimonials to build trust and credibility.

Paid advertising on social media platforms can also be highly effective. Facebook and Instagram offer advanced targeting options, allowing you to reach potential customers based on demographics, interests, and behaviours. Experiment with different ad formats to showcase multiple products in a single post, but be wary of the costs.

4. Convert Customers With Email Marketing

Email marketing is a valuable tool for nurturing customer relationships and driving sales. Today, it’s also more important than ever due to its potential for customisation, seamless integration, and high Return on Investment (ROI).

To make the most of email marketing, collect email addresses from your customers and website visitors, and segment your list to send personalised content and offers. In the sports niche, consider sending regular newsletters featuring product recommendations, upcoming sales, and fitness tips.

Abandoned cart emails are especially effective for eCommerce brands. Send timely reminders to customers who leave items in their shopping cart, encouraging them to convert into paying customers.

5. Get Some Influential Help

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Leveraging influencers in the sports niche can be a game-changer for your eCommerce brand. Partner with athletes, fitness enthusiasts, or lifestyle bloggers who align with your brand’s values and products. These influencers can help you reach a wider audience and build trust among their followers.

Here’s a short list of low to mid-level Aussie sports influencers to help you get started:

6. Implement a Content Marketing Strategy

Content marketing is a long-term investment that can pay off handsomely. Create informative, engaging, and shareable content that resonates with your target audience. This can include blog posts, how-to guides, videos, and podcasts related to sports, fitness, and your products.

Consistency is key in content marketing, so make sure to develop a content calendar to plan and schedule your content releases. This not only keeps your audience engaged, but also positions your brand as an authority in the sports niche. Visit Megaphone’s YouTube channel to learn how to create viral content and check out other useful tips.

7. Answer the Question: Is It Working?

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The seventh golden rule of digital marketing for sports brands is perhaps the most important; it’s about implementing the six other rules in a dynamic, evolving, and ever-learning way. In a nutshell, it’s about asking “Is my strategy working?” and being honest about the answer!

To continuously improve your digital marketing efforts, it’s essential to monitor and analyze your results. Use Google Analytics, PPC analysis tools, and social media insights to track website traffic, user behaviour, and conversion rates. Identify what’s working and what’s not, and make data-driven adjustments to your strategies.

A/B testing can help you fine-tune your marketing campaigns, ensuring you get the most out of your advertising budget. Be prepared to adapt to changes in customer behaviour, industry trends, and algorithm updates.

Is Growing an eCommerce Sports Brand to 7 Figures Really Possible?

No doubt! By building a strong online presence, optimising for SEO, embracing social media, and utilising email marketing, influencer marketing, and content marketing strategies, you can create a robust and sustainable brand that resonates with sports enthusiasts.

Remember that consistent monitoring and analysis are crucial to staying ahead in the dynamic world of digital marketing. With dedication and the right approach, your eCommerce sports brand can thrive in the Australian market!

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