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Facebook Ads for Real Estate Agents: 9 Strategies and Tips for a Successful Campaign

By Lauren Oakes 2 February, 2023, 9 mins read

Want more clients for your real estate business? Then listen closely. We’re about to tell you how Facebook Ads for real estate agents can send crowds of eager customers your way. 

Now, Facebook is best known as the world’s #1 social network. But with 13 million Australian users, Facebook is also where your clients make buying decisions. Get your offer in front of them at the right time, and they’ll give you their business (and their money). 

The good thing about Facebook is that everyone’s on there. It doesn’t matter who your dream clients are; they’re on the platform, waiting to see your offer. 

The downside to Facebook is that it’s competitive. Your clients are there – but so is your competition and their ads. You need to be smart about how you market yourself to get the best results possible. 

This article shares 10 strategies and tips you can use today as a real estate agent to get the most out of Facebook Ads. We’ll start with…

1. Advertise Your Properties on Facebook Marketplace

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Source: www.facebook.com/hamiltonhilladelaide

Marketplace is where people can discover, sell, and buy items. Items you can trade include real estate. 

As of right now, around 30% of Facebook users worldwide are on Marketplace (Statista). This means you can reach millions and millions of Australians for free just by uploading your listings there. 

For even better results, you can boost listings with ads to show them to more people. This gives you priority access to about 50% of all Marketplace users. That’s millions and millions of Australians; comparable to platforms like domain.com.au

When listing your properties for sale or rent on Marketplace, post high-quality photos giving a proper presentation of the property. Also, add information users are bound to use during their searches. Location, price, number of bedrooms, housing type, and more. 

Facebook Marketplace allows real-time messaging between sellers and buyers. Interested users can reach out to you with questions about your listing instantly using their Facebook accounts. Give timely responses to avoid losing prospects. 

2. Customise Ads for Your Target Audience

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Once you’ve identified your target audience, create ads that speak to them. Different audiences have different needs and wants when looking for a property. 

Being generic lessens your ad’s impact. For instance, creating an ad for a single-family house without appealing to a young family’s needs is weak marketing. You want to highlight a property’s best to your audience while keeping things fun and light. 

Make it clear who can benefit from the property you are selling. Is it someone looking for a serene neighbourhood, more bedrooms, or a short drive to the city centre? Is it a young couple, an older couple with kids, or a single person? 

These are the details that’ll make your targets stop scrolling on Facebook and take a second look at your ad.

3. Target Prospects at All Levels of the Sales Funnel

If you only advertise when you have a property to sell or rent, you are missing out. To get the most out of your Facebook Ads campaign, target prospects at all levels of the sales funnel.

First, reach out to people who’ve never heard of you with awareness campaigns. Target those who are not actively selling or looking for a property. Target them with ads that introduce them to your brand, build trust, and make them aware of your services. 

Ads with informative content are great for this. They are also the cheapest since they target a broad audience. Awareness ads might not bring in customers instantly, but they are essential to the success of your ad campaigns over time. 

Awareness campaigns take you from being a stranger to being a known quantity… When this happens, prospects are more likely to contact you than a competitor they’ve never heard of. 

Second, target consumers who are in the consideration stage. These folks will be deciding between house types, neighbourhoods, and agents. Advertise your services to them, showcase your track record, and give tips that help their decision-making. 

Some of these people will convert immediately; others will remain engaged with you as they consider their options. Either way, you’re going to get sales. 

Third, reach out to prospects actively looking to buy, sell, or rent a property. Prospects in this stage – decision-making – are browsing real estate websites. They’re looking at property listings and searching for an agent. 

It’s far easier to attract these prospects if they’ve already seen your awareness and lead-generation advertisements… But even if they haven’t, you can still get sales out of this audience. 

4. Plan Ads to Capitalise on Peak Season and Beyond

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It’s important to promote your business year round. But when it’s peak season, take your efforts a notch higher. Really focus on running ads that appeal to clients, especially clients in the decision-making stage. 

For example: in commercial real estate, most people sell or buy during spring and summer. This is when Facebook ads for real estate agents have the highest Returns on Ad Spend (ROAS). Find your own niche’s peak season, and you’ll see more money (and clients). 

When the market slows down, switch back to: 

  1. More awareness and consideration-stage ads
  2. Offers with lower prices, faster closing times, and less competition
  3. Nurturing the connections you have

Doing this gives you an edge over competitors who may not be marketing at this time. Later, when the market is hot again, you’re the first to benefit from running ads off-season. 

5. Build Trust with Client Testimonials

Source: www.facebook.com/contractconveyancing/reviews

Buying or selling a home is the single-most biggest financial decision most people will make in their life. It’s a personal and emotional process, and people want an agent they can trust. The more they feel all their needs and desires will be met with you, the better. 

Social proof is the best tool in your arsenal here. 94% of Australians trust online reviews. Many report feeling online testimonials are as trustworthy as referrals from friends and relatives. If you get positive reviews and show them off, you’ll win their trust instantly. 

Many real estate agents get a huge share of business from reviews from past clients. If your past clients didn’t give you referrals – don’t worry. Reach out and ask them to give you some honest feedback; many agree to help out. 

Once you have feedback, feature them in your content and advertisements. Facebook Ads sharing testimonials are extremely persuasive. Visuals of your past clients and the properties you helped them sell or buy are important, as they make the testimonials more credible.

6. Increase Conversion Rate With Facebook Lead Ads

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Lead generation is crucial to growing your business. You don’t just need clients; you need leads who will eventually become clients. Lucky for you, Facebook lead ads can help you create a pool of potential clients quickly.

Real estate Facebook Ads have a conversion rate of 10.68%: one of the highest among all industries. Think about that; 1 in 10 people become leads after seeing a real estate ad. You just have to figure out your offer and marketing mix and get started! 

Two things to remember here. First, people love free stuff. Offering something like a free home evaluation to sellers will help you win more leads. 

Second, remember that Facebook has a lead form feature. 

This can simplify form-filling by pre-populating forms with contact info. This ensures ease of use on small mobile screens and reduces form abandonment. It also means you don’t need a separate landing page, helping people finish registration without leaving the app.

A free home evaluation form could ask about size, construction style, year of building, and address. You can use this information to give clients value – but also to sell your services. For example, you might reach out to everyone with a small apartment with an offer that’s perfect for them after the questionnaire. 

7. Use Property Video Ads

Facebook Ads for Real Estate Agents 3

Real estate is highly visual. Buyers want to see as much of a property as possible before making a final decision. Property photos can suffice, but videos are even better. 

With video ads, you can show your audience around a property or neighbourhood. You can show amenities and property features in a more detailed, engaging manner that makes your audience feel as if they are walking through the property. 

Videos on Facebook have an engagement rate of 6.09%: higher than images or text. Your video ads are more likely to encourage targets to reach out with questions. Video ads on Facebook also often have a lower cost compared to image ads, costing you less

Real estate drone videos are especially attention-grabbing, so use them in your ads. Drone videos give wide views of the neighbourhood, with inclusive shots of the home exterior and property features.

To improve viewership, add captions to your videos to enable silent watching. 85% of Facebook videos are watched without sound. If your audience cannot watch your video ads without sound, you may have low completion rates. 

8. Show More With Carousel Ads

With the Carousel format, you can post up to 10 images or videos as part of one ad. You can add a description, headline, CTA, and link for each image/video. This allows you to share multiple visuals of the same property or share several property listings in one ad.

Carousel ads provide more information and value to your audience while lowering your advertising cost. The format also increases effectiveness, since prospects are more likely to take action after seeing several images. 

Another option is showing different properties on the same ad. It’s more likely that a viewer will find something that interests them this way.

Generally, Carousel ads perform better than single-image ads. This is because of the added variety that gives you more opportunities to impress the target and motivate them to take action.

9. Track Your Ad Performance with Facebook Analytics

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Keep track of your ad performance with Facebook analytics. This will point you to what’s working – and not working – in your campaign. 

On a basic level, Meta’s Ads Manager tells you how many people saw your ad, how many clicked, and how much money you spent. This doesn’t say much in and of itself… But tracked over time, the data shows you what your Returns on Ad Spend are like. 

You can also find out how your ads performed across different ages, genders, locations, etc. Four charts are available to give you a visual representation of your ads’ performance, demographics, platform, and delivery data. 

Monitoring ad performance helps you get the most out of your real estate ads. Even better, split-testing your ads using the data from Ads Manager really helps you zone in on what works best for your offer. 

10. The Most Important Thing to Consider

Your clients are on Facebook. Put your offer in front of them with Facebook ads for real estate agents. The conversion rate on real estate offers is crazy on the platform – and with Facebook Ads tech, you can scale your sales quickly there. 

The 9 tips we covered are: 

  1. Use Facebook Marketplace
  2. Customise ads to your specific audience
  3. Target prospects across the whole customer life cycle
  4. Capitalise on peak season
  5. Use client testimonials to your advantage
  6. Optimise conversion rates
  7. Use property video ads
  8. Use carousel ads
  9. Track ad performance and improve ads over time

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