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Breaking News for Marketers and Media Buyers Everywhere

By Liam Griffin 2 November, 2022, 2 mins read

🚨 Meta has brought Back conversion breakdown reporting

This is HUGE NEWS for our 350+ clients, and for media buyers and businesses all over the world.

Remember when the iOS changes disrupted the digital marketing industry? It sent advertisers into a headspin.

But now, Megaphone is delighted to break the news — as confirmed by our Meta representative today, Wednesday 2nd of November, 2022 — that the pre-iOS world of digital marketing tracking is BACK. You can track age, gender, country, platform, location, and even the device that your customers are using. You can better control advertising spending, understand your audience better, retarget more effectively and, ultimately, get more sales.

Let’s break it down.

With the latest iOS 14.5 update, Meta has officially (re)introduced:

  • 8 on-platform conversion breakdowns (age, gender, age and genre, country, impression device, platform, platform and device, and placement) 🔥
  • Attribution comparison settings 🔥
  • 28-day click, 1-day click, 7-day click, and 1-day view attribution modelling 🔥

Digital agencies and media buyers around the world are [about to be] freaking out. But why? What’s it all actually mean?

To understand the real impact of these changes, let’s wind the clock back to early 2021.

When Apple dropped the iOS 14.5 updates to the public on Monday, April 26th, 2021, we welcomed a lot of new and exciting features. But it was one feature, in particular, that left the marketing world in a panic: the privacy settings changes and the anti-tracking functionality (the AppTrackingTransparency framework). Anyone with an Apple mobile device using iOS 14.5 and up could opt out of third-party tracking. And according to InsiderIntellignce, that’s exactly what they did — across apps, the number of US users who opted out of tracking was over 60%.

For advertisers, when that software change landed, it became near impossible to determine the true effectiveness of different ads. Many marketers were going in blind, scrambling for solutions.

The unexpected changes forced brands to pivot, implement omnichannel strategies, and move their attention to other platforms, like Google advertising or TikTok marketing. Leading digital agencies like Megaphone invited the challenge as an opportunity. With Meta (at the time, Facebook) no longer a source of truth, 2022’s Marketing Agency of the Year turned to UTM parameters to track the customer journey, shifting strategy to holistic growth and putting emphasis on the overall Marketing Efficiency Ratio (or MER, for short). Unfortunately, not every agency or business was as nimble or innovative as Megaphone – many struggled to adapt to the post-iOS world and felt the impact on the bottom line.

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But now, marketers, ecommerce owners and media buyers can rejoice, because the pre-iOS digital marketing capabilities are back in full swing. You’ll be able to know more, execute better and track more data points — collectively, it creates a deeper understanding of your target market and allows you to develop strategies more likely to succeed.

If you’re reading this, you’ve got a head start on the competition.

Get in touch now to find out how you can capitalise on this incredible opportunity and get more customers for your business.

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