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Megaphone Industry Report 2022Megaphone Industry Report 2022

Your Pathway To Success

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Your Pathway To Success

3 Steps to smashing your Black Friday sales:

  1. Start marketing EARLY. Build your email and SMS lists.
  2. Focus on retention, turning one-off customers into LONG-TERM community members.
  3. Create a “WOW” moment with every Black Friday purchase to help you stand out from the crowd.

Voted Australia’s #1 Social Media Marketing Agency, Megaphone is the industry-leading agency, generating more sales and more leads for 100s of businesses just like yours.

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Black Friday Starts Now

You can make up to 50% of your total annual revenue over the holiday season.

With so much competition, you need strategies that are proven to work.

Thanks to a dual focus on acquisition and retention, last year, we turned $1.2 million into $21 million for our clients. 

Multi-channel marketing strategies have helped our clients reach new heights, find new customers, and achieve more than they ever thought possible. These amazing results, plus 100% transparency and utmost care, are why we’ve been awarded Marketing Agency of the Year, Most Innovative Company of the Year, and Australia’s top customer service agencies for 4 consecutive years.

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Your pathway to growth

Black Friday isn’t just a 4-day sales period. It’s 4 months of planning and execution to acquire customers that last a lifetime. Done right, with the right retention strategy, Black Friday can be the springboard that catapults your brand to the next level.

September & October
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You could have the best offer, but if nobody sees it, resources are wasted. Use this time to expand your prospect list.

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A surefire way to collect phone numbers and emails, competitions play into basic consumer psychology: FOMO

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You don’t only test creatives, you need to test offers too. Find the sweet spot, considering both margins and appeal.

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You can’t rely on luck on Black Friday. Ensure you’ve tested styles, audiences, pain points, and angles early.

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Harness the power of word-of-mouth. Use your existing social media platforms to promote your upcoming sales.

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Execute creative strategies that connect with customers who’ve shown interest but not yet purchased.

December Onward
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Turn once-off purchasers into recurring customers by making them feel special.

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The difference between quick profits and holistic business growth is creating brand loyalty through shared values.

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Reach out to your customers for post-purchase feedback and reviews, building loyalty and trust.

Dozens of exclusive partnerships grow your brand. One seamless experience to make life easy.

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Turn new customers into life-long, diehard fans

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Clients with proven, outstanding BFCM results.

Squeak, fashion industry.

Squeak is one of hundreds of clients who have been with Megaphone for multiple seasonal sales periods. Hear from Pip about the amazing, long-term success her brand has seen since partnering with Megaphone.


Brands scaled to over $2 mil


Brands scaled to over $10 mil


Top 3% Google Premier Partner

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You make your money by turning one-time customers into recurring customers. Megaphone has made 🔥hundreds of millions of dollars for our clients 🔥 thanks to strategies that use periods like Black Friday to kickstart long-term, sustainable growth.

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9186 Collective

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Partnerships with Megaphone are about more than just outstanding results. They’re about honest, transparent connections that focus on holistic business growth. Hear from Ellie Gonsalves, social media influencer and 9186 co-founder about the importance of having an agency that genuinely cares.


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