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5 Key Benefits of Using an Agency for Email Marketing

By Lauren Oakes 30 May, 2024, 4 mins read

Have you looked at your email marketing strategies lately? How are those open rates? Looking a little low?

It’s common for businesses to manage their email marketing campaign strategy in-house, but achieving good results can be tricky. Maybe you struggle to find the time to consistently manage campaigns or lack expertise. Whatever the reason, it might be time to speak to an email marketing agency

Creating effective emails that stand out in crowded inboxes isn’t easy, which is where Megaphone Marketing comes in. We specialise in creating thoughtfully designed email campaigns that build brand loyalty and result in sales. Not only do we know we’ve got the brightest minds engineering our digital strategies, but the industry does, too.

In this blog, we’ll explore why trusting your email marketing to an agency can transform your business, give tips for successful email marketing campaigns and offer tips for email marketing. 

You Can Leverage Their Expertise and Experience

An effective email marketing agency lives and breathes email. They’re experts with in-depth knowledge of email technologies and strategies. They also work across multiple industries, understanding what resonates with different audiences. Email marketing strategies can evolve gosh-darn quickly. As a business owner, you likely don’t have time to track every change—but lucky for you, it’s the agency’s job to stay ahead. They can even show you how to improve email marketing campaigns so that you get the results you want. 

Crafting effective emails and coming up with email marketing ideas is a skill. In a crowded inbox, standing out requires more than just some words on a screen:

  • Copywriting: Your subject lines and email content should persuade your audience. An agency can write a subject line that sparks curiosity and create content that drives action.
  • Audience targeting: Effective emails are well-targeted. An agency will segment your audience and personalise each email to increase revenue.
  • Design and layout: Your agency will optimise your email layout to engage your audience and drive action. 

Business owners often try to do it all, but they can’t be experts in everything. An email marketing agency can help you craft impactful emails that drive results and create the best email marketing strategies for your business. If you’re ever feeling uneasy, ask to see their email marketing strategy examples to compare. 

You’d Be Able to Save Time and Money

Let’s face it—managing your own email marketing strategies can be overwhelming. It’s just one of many tasks competing for your time and attention.

Hiring and training email marketing staff, as well as buying and maintaining email marketing tools, can get pretty pricey. According to Forbes, small businesses spend approximately $308,000 annually on training new employees, with each staff member costing about $1,200 to train.

Partnering with a white-label email marketing agency like Megaphone Marketing allows you to skip these costs. Agencies like ours already have the expertise and platforms to run your campaigns efficiently and cost-effectively, freeing you up to focus on the important stuff—like growing your business.

You Will Have Access to Tools and Technology

One of the biggest advantages of working with an email agency is access to cutting-edge tools and technology. We use advanced email automation platforms, analytics software, and A/B testing tools to optimise your campaigns for success.

These tools save costs and ensure your campaigns meet industry standards. Our team at Megaphone Marketing stays updated with the latest trends and innovations, so your email marketing strategies are always ahead of the curve. 

For example, we have an Email + SMS marketing bible packed with helpful tips for successful email marketing campaigns and resources—which you can download for free. 

You’d Be Able to Scale Up and Down with Ease

Working with an email marketing agency allows you to scale your business and gives you more flexibility.

Agencies have the resources and expertise to scale your campaigns as your business grows. Whether you want to reach a larger audience, launch a new product, or run seasonal promotions, agencies can adapt their strategies to meet your evolving needs.

This flexibility allows you to respond quickly to changes and opportunities in the market, ensuring that your email marketing strategies are effective and aligned with your business goals.

You Can See Measurable Results

So how effective is email marketing? Very. With a staggering 4 billion daily email users globally, it’s no surprise that email marketing remains one of the most cost-effective marketing channels. 

Achieving such high returns requires a whole lot of skill and strategy. That’s where an email marketing agency can make all the difference. An agency has the expertise to analyse your email strategy and identify areas where you can improve your ROI. 

From QA and A/B testing to spam testing, we use proven techniques to maximise your returns. And wouldn’t you know it, our testing methods can lead to up to a 28% higher return on investment—now, if that doesn’t show you the effectiveness of email marketing, we’re not sure what will!

So, is email marketing effective? Absolutely! Choosing an agency for your email marketing strategies is a game-changer for your business. Megaphone Marketing is here to help your business thrive in the digital world. Contact us today and elevate your email marketing to new heights.