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101 eComm Brands Making Facebook Ads You’ll Want to Click

By Lauren Lietzow 3 September, 2020, 6 mins read

Facebook ads feeling less than fresh? Spark new ideas with our curated list of brands that are creating thumb-stopping ads. You can take a look at what these brands are putting out there through Facebook’s handy tool Ad Library.


#1 Lumin: men’s skincare

Lumin 1

What works?

  • Clear incentive to try all 3 products for free
  • Huge focus on testimonials with videos and short quotes that test different, specific angles
  • Visual and large headline do 90% of the work to stop the scroll

#2 Truly: vegan skincare

Truly Beauty

#3 Supergoop: sunscreen

Supergoop 1

#4 Wildcraft: natural skincare


#5 ZitSticka: zit kit


#6 Sand & Sky: original pink clay mask

Sand Sky

#7 Gleamin: vitamin C clay mask


What works?

  • Bold colours capture attention
  • Copy focuses on hype and scarcity ‘sold out 5 months in a row’ and ‘claim TODAY before we run out AGAIN’ to inspire a quick purchasing decision
  • Short and snappy testimonial with clear core benefits

#8 HETIME: natural face masks for men


Beauty & Personal Care

#9 Luvo: ring lights and vanity mirrors


#10 PMD Beauty: smart skincare tools

PMD Beauty

#11 Skinned: floral infused body oils


#12 Native: natural deodorant


What works?

  • Fresh, bold imagery
  • Conveys a lot of trust in the product through 2 short testimonials, 3 succinct dot points and the offer of free returns

#13 BondiBoost: growth shampoo and wave wand


#14 Quip: smart electric toothbrush

Quip 1

#15 Snow: at-home teeth whitening

Snow 1

What works?

  • Clear messaging ‘whiter teeth in 9 minutes’ that’s repeated
  • Uses influencers and models to convey aspirational beauty
  • Even the URL is a call to action TRYSNOW.COM

#16 HiSmile: at-home teeth whitening


#17 Bite: plastic-free toothpaste


#18 Hannah: washable cloth pad


#19 Copenhagen Grooming: beard growth kit

Copenhagen Grooming

#20 Dollar Shave Club: grooming subscription


What works?

  • Distinct angle: women with thick hair
  • Targets a specific problem for this audience
  • Sends a strong visual message through the difference in armpits
  • Using language like Starter Set and ‘try all this for only $15’ inspires to buy because the subscription doesn’t seem like a huge upfront cost or commitment

#21 Manscaped: grooming tools



#22 Happi Earth: sustainable laundry liquid

Happi Earth

#23 Dropps: dish and laundry detergent pods

Dropps 1

What works?

  • Unexpected video from a CEO to stop the scroll
  • Funny within seconds of playing, making the viewer keep watching
  • Call to action to tag friends. People will naturally tag too because of the unusual content, expanding the organic reach further


#24 UNTUCKit: shirts designed to be worn untucked


#25 Cuts: men’s t-shirts

Cuts 1

#26 LSKD: sportswear and streetwear


#27 Oodie: oversized blanket hoodies

The Oodie

#28 Public Rec: leisure apparel

Public Rec 1

What works?

  • Instantly focuses on core benefits that would appeal to many men: versatility, stylish comfort and easy to maintain.
  • Clear shipping and returns call out that leads to the call to action
  • Uses the alternative of ‘learn more’ instead of ‘shop now’ to signal that they’ll be taken to a low-commitment landing page

#29 Nuuly: monthly clothing rental


#30 Zorali: outdoor apparel and gear

Zorali 1

#31 Sabo Skirt: dresses and playsuits

Sabo Skirt

What works?

  • Insta Reels-inspired video edit and thumbnail to match what’s already in a person’s feed, so they won’t be put off by yet another ad
  • Fun copy that treats the audience like a friend, not a customer
  • Minimal aesthetic in different outfit combinations to convey a message that the clothing is high quality yet attainable

#32 Thinx: period underwear

#33 Snag: better-fitting tights


#34 Kat the Label: boutique lingerie

Kat the Label

#35 FIGS: comfortable, functional scrubs


#36 ROVE: travel-inspired fashion



#37 Vessi: waterproof knit shoes


What works?

  • Strong visual message of shoes immersed in water to emphasise the key messaging that they’re 100% waterproof
  • Clear offer that’s repeated 3 times
  • Shows the shoes in action being worn and as a product image that really stands out on the feed

#38 M. Gemi: handcrafted Italian shoes

M. Gemi 1

#39 Indestructible Shoes: unbreakable work shoes

Indestructible Shoes

#40 Tropicfeel: aqua shoes


#41 Allbirds: sustainable shoes



#42 Necklet: tangled necklace solution

Necklet 1

#43 Mejuri: everyday fine jewellery 


#44 FinerRings: handmade minimal jewellery

Screen Shot 2020 09 04 at 1.04.45 pm

#45 The Ridge: minimalist wallet

The Ridge

What works?

  • Visually conveys the problem and solution: chunky, unorganised wallet versus sleek, minimal wallet
  • Answers before there’s any hesitation: holds 12 cards
  • Builds trust with a simple ‘30,000+ 5 star reviews’

#46 CASETiFY: phone cases

Screen Shot 2020 09 04 at 1.13.07 pm

#47 MVMT: premium watches


#48 BANA: floral sunglasses


#49 MOSCOT: timeless glasses


What works?

  • Builds instant trust through multiple call outs in the body copy and video carousel focusing on craftsmanship and expertise – ‘5 generation family-owned’ and ‘100 years of experience’ speak volumes about quality within the first sentence.
  • Carousel allows a range of styles to be seen in the feed without clicking to see more

#50 Empire & Co: blue light blocking glasses


#51 Topfoxx: luxury eyewear

#52 Cali Tiger: coin necklace

Cali Tiger

Homewares & Furniture

#53 Ruggable: washable rugs

Ruggable 1

What works?

  • Instantly names a relevant problem for online buyers
  • Offers a unique solution through real-time reactions in a fun, informative video with key messages reinforced by dot points throughout the video

#54 Outer: outdoor sofa


#55 Koala: original box mattress


#56 Leesa: mission-driven box mattress

Screen Shot 2020 09 04 at 1.55.22 pm

#57 Noho: sustainable furniture


#58 Mojo Candle Co: beer bottle candles


#59 Calming Blanket: weighted blanket

Calming Blanket

What works?

  • Builds hype through ‘2020 Australia’s Top Health Trend’ and ‘flying off the shelves’ to inspire immediate purchase
  • Video testimonial shows real-time reactions to trying out the product
  • Describes core benefits through one punchy sentence

#60 Moon Pod: premium beanbag

Moon Pod

#61 Bed Threads: linen sheet sets

Bed Threads 2

Food & Beverage

#62 Kakadu Plum: Australian native bushfoods

Kakadu Plum

#63 VitaCup: infused coffee and tea


#64 Live Fit Foods: healthy meal delivery

Live Fit Foods

#65 Wild Alaskan Company: seafood subscription

Wild Alaskan Company

#66 Four Sigmatic: mushroom coffee

Four Sigmatic

#67 Magic Spoon: keto cereal

Magic Spoon

#68 Cookie Doh Co: edible cookie dough

Cookie Doh

#69 Your Tea: herbal tea

Your Tea

#70 The Cereal School: keto cereal and snacks

Cereal School

What works?

  • Humour and original songs can be hit or miss, but some videos are so daggy and ridiculous that you want to tag your friends – this is one of them. It’s the kind of video that will get a lot of organic reach
  • Even though the video and copy centres around the song, it’s clear two words into the first sentence what product we’re talking (or, rapping) about

#71 Soulara: plant-based meal delivery

Soulara 1

#72 Moon Juice: wellness beverage

Moon Juice

#73 Kin: alcohol free, mood-defining drinks


#74 Down Under Box: Aussie care package

Down Under

#75 Change Coffee: mission-driven coffee

Change Coffee

#76 Stone & Grove: olive leaf tea

Stone Grove

Health & Fitness

#77 Eastside Boutique: portable humidifier

Eastside Boutique

#78 The Goodnight Co: sleep supplements

Goodnight Co

#79 Oura: health tracking device


#80 Roman: men’s healthcare


#81 Jawzersize: facial fitness device


What works?

  • Re-targeting ad that gets straight to the point with a clear and irresistible offer – 60 day money back guarantee – that’s repeated in different ways 4 times.
  • 25 active ads with the same copy (not just 2–3!) to test how people respond to different videos and so that people don’t get sick of seeing the same creative and get turned off the brand.

#82 ClassPass: fitness class access


#83 Vitable: personalised vitamin packs


#84 Ritual: multivitamins

Ritual 1

#85 Care/of: vitamins and protein


What works?

  • Focuses on a specific audience and need through the copy and design: women who want fuller hair
  • Low-commitment call to action to take a quiz and get a personalised recommendation
  • Huge offer of 50% off first order

#86 Smirk: keto shakes


#87 Eu Natural: supplements

Eu Naturals

#88 First Day: kids multivitamin

First Day

Kitchenware & Drinkware

#89 Our Place: always pan

Our Place

What works?

  • Bold colours that stand out on the feed
  • Thoughtfully-curated thumbnail that speaks to an added perk of the product
  • Hype-driven copy with ‘sold out 10x and had a 30,000 person waitlist’

#90 Caraway: ceramic-coated cookware


#91 Great Jones: nonstick pans without teflon

Great Jones

#92 BrüMate: insulated can coolers and drinkware

BruMate 1

Recreation & Travel

#93 Crockd: pottery kit

Crockd 1

What works?

  • Relevant, down-to-earth copy that addresses the needs of people in lockdown rather than trying too hard to sell
  • Carousel shows off what other people have made to make it look fun and easy
  • Instagram handles included for social proof

#94 Journey of Something: designer jigsaw puzzles

Journey of Something

#95 Land and Sand: sustainable beach umbrella

Land and Sand

#96 Sand Cloud: mission-driven beach towels

Sand Cloud


#97 The Birth Poster: baby illustrations to scale

The Birth Poster

What works?

  • ‘Secret’ code adds extra incentive to purchase as a special customer with an exclusive deal
  • Use of 2 links – link in copy and button – gives a higher chance of clicking through to the landing page
  • Great review stands out on the video thumbnail

#98 Pop Ya Tot: dummy chains and swaddles

Pop Ya Tot

#99 Halo & Horns: bamboo baby clothes

Halo Horns


#100 Lovimals: personalised pet socks, pillows and mugs


#101 Crown & Paw: pet portraits

Crown Paw 1

What works?

  • Video audio shares a woman’s reaction to receiving a pet portrait – a unique way to demonstrate how much people will love the product
  • Emojis make the copy stand out from start to finish
  • Clear messaging makes the process seem easy: upload, choose a costume, let the artists do the rest

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