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10 SEO tips for online Aussie Homewares Brands

By Evan Bryce 25 January, 2024, 3 mins read
10 Seo Tips For Online Aussie Homewares Brands

When Australian people need to buy a new homewares product, they probably start by searching the web using terms such as “pink couch” or “iron table.” There’s no doubt that Aussies love searching for products before buying them—after all, a whopping 90% of Australians research purchases online before buying offline.All things considered, there is no reason for Aussie homewares brands to ignore the power of Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). In this article, we have listed 10 tips that will help you to put your business on the top of search engine results pages:


1. Localise Your Keywords

Tailor your keyword strategy to cater to Australian audiences by incorporating location-specific keywords that resonate with your target market. If you’re operating a homewares business out of Sydney, for example, go for keywords that feature the word “Sydney.”

Additionally, focus on terms that Aussies would use when searching for homewares, integrating colloquialisms and slang. Tools like Google Keyword Planner or Semrush can help identify the most effective local keywords.

2. Optimise for Mobile

Given the surge in mobile usage in Australia, it’s necessary to ensure that your website is mobile-friendly. Google prioritises mobile-responsive sites in its ranking algorithm, so streamline your website’s design and functionality to deliver an optimal user experience across various devices.

But how do you even know if your website is optimised for mobile?

A good hack is using tools like Google’s Mobile-Friendly Test to have an immediate idea of how your website performs on mobile devices, especially in comparison to your main competitors.

3. Create High-Quality Visual Content

Homewares are visually appealing products, so leverage high-quality images and videos. Optimise visuals by using descriptive file names and ALT tags containing relevant keywords. Engaging visual content not only enhances user experience but also increases the likelihood of your products appearing in image searches.

4. Prioritise Local SEO

We have already talked about localising your keywords, but local SEO is not just about search engines; it’s also about maps! Enhance your presence in local search results by listing your business on Google My Business, as map results often appear at the start of Google’s results pages. 

Ensure your business information—address, contact details, and business hours—are accurate and consistent across all platforms and encourage customer reviews as they significantly influence local SEO rankings.

5. Create Content

Produce relevant and engaging content that adds value to your audience. Create blog posts, guides, or videos that highlight trends, provide styling tips, or showcase your products in real-life settings. Content marketing not only improves SEO but also establishes your brand as an authority in the homewares niche.

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6. Optimise Product Descriptions

Craft unique and detailed product descriptions using relevant keywords, highlighting the features, benefits, and unique selling points of your homewares. 

Avoid duplicate content, as it can harm your search rankings—even though there’s no such thing as a duplicate content penalty, Google does know when your content is duplicated. So, aim for original, descriptive, and compelling product descriptions that resonate with your audience.

7. Build Quality Backlinks

Invest in building a robust backlink profile from reputable and relevant websites, as these links will drastically improve your SEO ranking. Seek collaborations, guest posting opportunities, or partnerships within the homewares industry. 

High-quality backlinks signal authority and trustworthiness to search engines, positively impacting your website’s ranking. This holds everywhere on the Internet, from Google to Shopify.

8. Improve Page Speed

Optimise your website’s loading speed to improve user experience and SEO ranking. Use tools like PageSpeed Insights to identify areas for improvement. Compress images, leverage browser caching, and minimise unnecessary plugins to enhance your site’s speed. For image compression, we recommend using free tools such as Compress JPEG.

9. Implement Structured Data Markup

Utilise structured data markup (Schema markup) to provide search engines with additional context about your products. This markup helps search engines better understand and display your content, potentially leading to enhanced visibility through rich snippets in search results.

10. Monitor and Analyse Performance

Finally, don’t forget to regularly track your website’s performance using tools like Google Analytics and Google Search Console. Analyse key metrics such as organic traffic, keyword rankings, and user behaviour. Use this data to identify areas for improvement and adjust your SEO strategy accordingly.

Implementing these SEO tips tailored for Australian homewares brands can significantly boost your online visibility and drive more qualified traffic to your website. Remember, SEO is an ongoing process, requiring consistent effort and adaptation to stay ahead in the dynamic digital landscape. By prioritising these strategies, Aussie homewares brands can carve a niche, captivate audiences, and thrive in the competitive online market.

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