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How to Make Money Online in Australia (But Actually)

By Lauren Lietzow 9 November, 2022, 7 mins read

Want to make money online (as an individual or business owner)?

Great; you’re in the right place! As Australia’s #1-rated marketing agency, we help our clients earn over A$100,000,000 per month – all online. Today, we’ll explain how you can do the same!

How To Make Money Online In Australia But Actually 1

The best part? 

We know what it really takes to make money online. So our list won’t include crypto trading, dropshipping, filling in surveys, or anything like that.

Instead, we’ll start with…

1. Ecommerce

This year, a record 5.4 million Australian households shop online each month. This is a huge opportunity to make money on the web. There’s never been a better time to go into ecommerce. 

A few benefits of making money this way…

Getting started is easy

Sites like Shopify and eBay allow you to set up an ecommerce store quickly. These sites have marketing features like SEO tools and visitor analytics dashboards to help you grow your brand.

How To Make Money Online In Australia But Actually 2

Anyone can do it. 

At the supermarket, we might only buy from brands we know and trust. But online, you don’t have to be a household name to get customers. So long as you have a good product and good marketing, you’ll make money. 

How To Make Money Online In Australia But Actually 3

For example: Mysilvi – a young brand from Megaphone’s founder, Max Hertan – sold over A$5,000,000 in their first year online… And they started as a “noname” brand nobody knew about. 

Don’t have a product to sell? No worries. You can easily find a product to sell from online suppliers such as Alibaba and Amazon and sell it at a profit. With the right marketing, you can scale your ecommerce business to 7-8 figures quickly. 

Easy to make a profit

You can attract customers to your ecommerce store by running ads on Facebook, Instagram, Google, and more. Both B2C and B2B businesses can make a killing doing this online; for example, we recently got a client 14x ROAS on Facebook!

How To Make Money Online In Australia But Actually 4

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How To Make Money Online In Australia But Actually 5

2. Sell What You Have

Are you a freelancer or business owner? Do you have a valuable skill such as computer programming or finance management that you can offer as a service?

Whatever you have, you can monetise it without turning your whole life around. It’s as easy as promoting your skills or services online, allowing prospects to reach out to you, and then delivering remotely or in-person. 

This method works well for:

  • Service businesses in fields such as home repair, pool installation, law, travel, waste management, construction, real estate, and landscaping.
  • Freelancers with on-demand skills in areas such as copywriting, customer service, consultancy, photography, accounting, social media marketing, and more. With these skills, you can start an easy side hustle in Australia.
  • Digital service providers such as programmers, coders, graphic designers, UX designers, web developers, and video editors.
How To Make Money Online In Australia But Actually 6

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How To Make Money Online In Australia But Actually 7

3. Market Offline Businesses

There are businesses that don’t sell their products or services online, but could do with online marketing. Market their offers online for a fee and make money. You can market under their brand or under your own brand. 

One thing you could do is collaborate with a local craftsman and sell their products on Etsy. They provide the product, but the brand is yours. Or you could also make an aggregator website – for example, “findaplumber.com.au” – and use it to get service providers orders. 

How To Make Money Online In Australia But Actually 8

The above might sound obvious to you as an Internet user… But about 59% of small Australian businesses don’t have a website. That’s lots of money you could be making by partnering with them! 

Reasons for not having a website include not having time to build and run one. Target small businesses and show them how you can help increase their revenue by promoting their services online… Without costing them a fortune or important work hours.

You can target companies or individual entrepreneurs like gym trainers, plumbers, life coaches, or photographers. Create a website for a particular field, for example ‘Melbourne home repair’, and use it as an avenue to get customers for your clients.

4. Freelance

Australia’s gig economy is worth more than $6.3 billion and growing every year (ABC News). Every day, clients are looking for freelancers to fulfil a wide range of tasks, and you probably possess a skill that’s in demand.

Popular freelance gigs include content writing, coding, web development, graphic design, data entry, video editing, and animation. These skills are required in multiple industries, from health to beauty to marketing, so there’s no shortage of money-making opportunities.

As a freelancer, you have the freedom to choose what you want to do, how much to charge, and when to work. You can take up gigs as a side job or make it your main source of income. 

How To Make Money Online In Australia But Actually 9

To get freelance jobs, sign up on sites such as Upwork, Fiverr, and We Work Remotely. This is where you’ll find clients looking for freelancers to fulfil all sorts of tasks.

How To Make Money Online In Australia But Actually 10

Go a step further and start a website where you offer your freelance services. This way, you can get clients directly without having to use fee-charging platforms. Optimise your website by adding a portfolio that displays your skills to potential clients.

5. Build an Audience

Build an audience online and market products to them through brand sponsorships and partnerships. You can also sell your own products to them.

Instagram, TikTok, and Facebook are great places to build a following – and often the ones most people opt for when building a following – but they are not your only options. You can become a B2B influencer on Linkedin instead, like Justin Welsh, run a YouTube vlog like Ali Abdaal, or an anonymous blog like the Financial Samurai.

How To Make Money Online In Australia But Actually 11

Once you have an audience, you can monetise it. For instance, if you start your own blog for hockey fans, you can eventually sell online courses or ebooks to them. You can also use the attention you’re getting to advertise other brands’ as an affiliate, partner, or content creator.

Your approach to marketing your platform will determine how quickly you can build an audience, but it helps if you:

  • Know how to talk to people – this’ll help you captivate people, keep them engaged, and gain their trust.
  • Have passion and credibility – readers can tell whether or not you’re passionate and knowledgeable about a subject. Don’t let them question your interest, as they’ll also not trust your recommendations. 
  • Already have some kind of following – it’ll be much easier to build an audience if you already have a following.

If any of the following apply to you, consider building an audience to make money. However, bear in mind that this is a slow way to make money. For many, it takes a lot of patience and consistency to build a sizable audience.

6. Linkbuilding

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is a marketing technique used to get websites to the top of search results for specific keywords – like “best plumber Melbourne” or “best running shoes Australia”. Linkbuilding is an integral part of SEO (with content writing and technical). 

Linkbuilding is tedious and boring for many marketers to do. It involves reaching out to other website owners and asking them to link back to your website from their pages. 

This isn’t something most SEO marketers like to do – they’re more technical-minded people – so they happily hire someone to take care of linkbuilding on their behalf. This is where you come in.

By working as a linkbuilder, you can work for your clients’ websites or marketing agencies requiring your skills and make good money from home. 


How To Make Money Online In Australia But Actually 12

The internet has opened numerous opportunities to make money online, conveniently from home. There’s something for everyone, from experts to people with little to no skills.

There are many legitimate ways of making money online in Australia, but you should beware of scams. Use legit gig sites and don’t make any payments to get a job. Check reviews and testimonials before signing up on a platform to steer clear of shady gig sites. 

Be our next success story.