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Digital Marketing for Accountants: 6 Strategies that Win Clients

By Liam Griffin 2 February, 2023, 7 mins read

Technology continues transforming accounting from the bottom up. One thing that’s changing in the space is marketing.

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Traditional marketing still gets customers; sure. But to compete and grow your business in the new normal, you need digital marketing for accountants.

On this page, Megaphone – Australia’s #1 marketing agency – gives you 6 strategies to help grow your business. Here’s how you find, target, and sell to your dream clients online. 

What Is Digital Marketing for Accounting Firms?

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Digital marketing for accountants is the process of using online marketing channels  to find  more clients for your accounting business.

Successful strategies include SEO, Google Ad campaigns, and email marketing. A comprehensive marketing plan puts together multiple channels and tactics to work together to start and invite a flood of new clients.

How is marketing for accountants different to marketing for other businesses? Read on to discover a few critical differences that require a special approach in this niche. 

How is Digital Marketing for Accountants Different?

As an accountant, you either manage someone’s finances or give them financial advice. People need to trust you to become your clients; choosing an accountant is a major decision for both businesses and individuals. 

This means your marketing has to be good — and most importantly, it has to build trust. Marketing yourself as an accountant is a lot harder than marketing most ecommerce products. 

Another key difference?

Finding long-term clients is crucial for accountants. Providing financial services over time creates deep relationships, positive word-of-mouth, and stable revenue. It also helps you identify clients that are a good long-term match for you. 

To win trust and long-term clients, you need to nurture prospects across multiple touchpoints on different channels. For example, a winning marketing strategy for accountants might include: 

  1. Videos explaining the benefits of various financial services
  2. Webinars educating potential clients on your accounting approach 
  3. Articles about the latest regulations and trends (which will demonstrate your expertise)

Something that’s especially useful to accountants is social proof. This can come in the form of: 

  1. Client testimonials displayed on your website
  2. Social media likes and shares
  3. Clients’ business logos on your website
  4. Positive reviews

Now let’s talk about 6 specific strategies to help you drum up more business

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6 Proven Digital Marketing Strategies for Accountants

Any of these strategies can work alone, but when you use them all together, they produce a synergistic effect that gets you more value and more clients for every dollar of ad spend.

1. Google Ads to Get Clients Quickly

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PPC ads show your ads to customers when they’re in buy-now mode. With a strong campaign, you can have your first new customers within hours. 

Following best practices will make your ads work better, i.e. cheaper and more likely to convert. Here are some best practices based on our experience as a Top 3% Google Premier Partner: 

  1. Use keywords in the headline and content.
  2. Hit client pain points.
  3. Convey the benefits of using your service.
  4. Match ad content to landing page color, design, and text.
  5. Test landing page load speed. Aim for under half a second. Over five seconds results in a 90% bounce rate.
  6. Use A/B split testing to improve ad performance constantly.

Google’s Responsive Search Ads automatically match the best headline and content to the searcher. These ads also adjust display size to the device used and self-monitor to use the most productive combinations. 

To see some examples of winning ads, check out our Google Ad Examples post. 

2. SEO for Financial Services

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Google Ads get you on Google’s first page in exchange for money. Search Engine Optimisation does the same thing for free; only instead of occupying the “Sponsored” part of the page, you’re shown to Google users as an organic result. 

If you do everything right, you’ll be in Google’s top 3 for keywords like “Accounting services Brisbane” and “Accountant Melbourne”. All you need to do is…

  1. Create content that Google’s users find relevant
  2. Build backlinks to your website

For more in-depth information, you can check out our post on SEO vs PPC or book a free consultation ($1,200 value). We’ll tell you how you can scale your business with SEO and organic traffic from Google, free of charge. 

3. How Social Media Marketing Can Spreads Your  Brand’s Message

Social media is an excellent channel to get accounting leads. Our SMB clients see Returns of Ad Spend as high as 19x on platforms like Facebook and LinkedIn – and you can, too (here’s our Ultimate Guide to Social Media Marketing). 

One thing that’s key for you as an accountant is choosing the right social media platform…

Facebook is almost too big to ignore, and it works for both B2C and B2B services. Facebook ads work whether you’re offering consumer tax services in April or targeting businesses needing bookkeeping services at the end of the year.

LinkedIn is the business platform. You can find and reach key decision-makers in businesses you want to target. PPC ads on LinkedIn are more expensive than on other platforms, but you can get your message in front of the right audience easily.

YouTube is a great place to win clients through videos that educate and problem-solve. Think about what your clients’ pain points are – about what keeps them awake at night – and make videos offering solutions. 

Another platform that can be an exciting choice for accountants and other service providers is TikTok. To learn about marketing there, check out our article on growing your TikTok presence or chat to the experts at TrendFM

4. How To Use Blogging As An Effective Inbound Marketing Strategy

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Blogging helps grow your accounting business in several ways. 

First, publishing authoritative, in-depth content showcases your expertise. You become seen as a helpful, knowledgeable, authority figure clients can trust. This brand image makes marketing your services much easier and less expensive. 

Second, content can sell your business on autopilot. For example, an in-depth landing page that answers frequently asked questions and offers your services is a form of content that generates leads without you doing anything. 

Third, content is an important part of modern SEO. Valuable, high-ranking articles rank on Google, then produce a steady stream of free traffic for years. Blogging best practices to reach page one of the search results include:

  • Create killer content. Do in-depth research on your keyword subject. You must include all the information competing articles have, plus original material. 
  • Use keywords and associated keywords in your title, headings, and text in the optimal mix. A blogging platform like Surfer SEO, Market Muse, or InLinks helps.
  • Include outbound and inbound links because links are the second most heavily weighted factor in search engine algorithms. 
  • Optimise for Google’s People Also Ask section because it can catapult your post from page two or three to the top of results. 

For more in-depth information on content marketing, book a free consultation ($1,200 value). We’ll tell you how you can scale your business with content and content funnels, free of charge.  

5. Email Marketing for Accountants Keeps You Top-of-Mind

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Email marketing generates $42 in returns for every $1 spent. This high ROI is possible because emails:

  • Are inexpensive to send out
  • Can be personalised and have high open rates
  • Reach people who have asked to receive your message

To get the right audience to sign up for your email list, give them a freebie – like a newsletter, an ebook, or even a consultation – in exchange for your email. Promote the freebie on your website and social media accounts to build your list.

When people sign up, engage them with a series of emails about relevant topics while promoting your service. Once you’ve got people interested, send out regular emails to maintain engagement, drive traffic to content, and sell your service.

6. Webinars 

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Webinars are an excellent way to sell to a large audience. You can easily show videos, share images, and ask people to take immediate action (e.g. buy from you) with webinars.

Here are the 7 features of a strong webinar:

  • Promote your webinar across all your channels
  • Answer questions about your webinar on social media
  • Have quality visuals, even if they’re simple
  • Highlight what you want the audience to see in the visuals 
  • Share knowledge generously
  • Have a helper to spot technical issues and take care of the chat
  • Record your webinar so people who missed it can watch later

A memorable webinar experience can create a lasting impression that facilitates lead generation.

So, What Did We Learn?

The 6 best ways to win at digital marketing as an accountant are: 

But as effective as these methods are… As an accountant, you’re likely to be busy with your actual business. This makes sense; as an expert, you’re most productive when performing high-value services for clients.

This is where Megaphone, Australia’s #1-rated marketing agency, comes in. We’re experts at SEO, PPC, lead generation, and more. 350+ clients trust us to market their business – and we can help you grow yours, too. 

To find out what we can do for you, click below to sign up for a free marketing strategy session worth $1,200. We’ll explain how you can grow your business quickly and easily after reviewing your website!

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