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Why your business needs better digital marketing

20 million Australians are active online. Put your offer in front of them, and they’ll buy from you. For their household, for their business, for personal use – it doesn’t matter. These people are online and they’re ready to buy from you…

All you have to do is get your offer in front of them. Now back in 2010, this was easy. But things are different today. There are dozens of ad networks, hundreds of apps, and thousands of digital marketing strategies. How do you make sense of all this?

With Brisbane’s leading digital marketing agency, of course! Megaphone is Brisbane’s – and the country’s – #1-rated digital marketing agency. We specialise in crafting data-driven campaigns that produce tangible business results.

We’re not just another digital marketing firm; we’re a partner dedicated to your success. To show you we mean that, here’s your invitation to a free strategy call worth a full $1,200.


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Megaphone: we walk the walk

At our agency, we’ve spent the last decade mastering digital marketing. We’ve run countless experiments and even opened a spin-off TikTok agency called Trend.FM. We’re rated #1 in Australia and our experience is unmatched…

Which is why we’re able to drive over $100 million in revenue for clients each month. We’ve been in this space for 10+ years. Our experience is unmatched, and it’s why we can deliver you an unbeatable return on investment every time.

We don’t just see digital marketing as a tactic, but as a transformative tool that will take your business to the next level. With our cutting-edge digital marketing strategies and tactics, we can help you achieve results you never thought were really possible.

Ready to take your business to the next level with digital marketing strategies that actually work? Click the button below and talk to one of our 150+ experts. They’ll give you a strategy session usually worth $1,200 free of charge, today.


6 Reasons to Choose Megaphone

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Many agencies offshore their work so they can make more money. We are Brisbane-based, with an office and dozens of full-time employees. Being local, we understand you and your audience better than other agencies can.

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Top 3% Google partner

We’re a top 3% Google partner that gets training directly from Alphabet. With stellar optimisation scores, we pay less for ads and get better results. We’ll max out your ROAS like no-one else can.

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The #1-rated agency in Australia

We’re the #1-rated agency in Australia. We have a 96% retention rate and are trusted by over 350 brands. You know you can trust an agency that’s made this many businesses happy!

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The Megaphone Way

Through experimenting with $10 million in monthly ad spend, we’ve created a unique method to maximise Google Ads ROI and drive profit for your business. We call it the MegaVortex method.

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Data first

We’ve spent years collecting and analysing data from past Google Ads campaigns. We use this resource together with proven strategies to show exceptional results – fast – when you sign up as a client.

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Stellar creatives

Our marketers are experts at using impactful words that connect with consumers. Our creatives stops scrolling and entices people to click on your ad right away – consistently.

Real clients, real reviews

Get a Free Digital Marketing Strategy Session (worth $1200)

Ready to grow your business? Tell us all about your goals and we’ll craft a custom strategy for your business.

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Our clients on their amazing results

Making the switch to a marketing agency is a big decision! So why is working with Megaphone the best decision for your business? Hear from some of our amazing clients on their experience with Megaphone and the results we’ve been able to achieve!

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#1 Digital Marketing Agency in Brisbane


How do I choose a digital marketing agency?

To make the right choice, it’s important to set clear goals, conduct thorough research, ensure their values are aligned with yours, and request their portfolio and areas of specialization.

Of course, it’s also important that tangible results are delivered. Always make sure any agency you consider know what they’re doing!

What questions to ask a digital marketing agency before hiring them?

The following 10 questions will help you figure out whether a marketing agency is a good fit (or not)

How long have you worked in my field?

What kind of results have you previously gotten for your clients?

What kind of digital marketing services do you provide?

Can you give examples of successful campaigns you have run?

How do you define success and how do you share it with others?

What are your prices, and how do you charge for things?

How do you keep up with the latest trends and the best ways to do things?

Can you name some clients who were happy with the work you did for them?

How do you make your plans fit my business and the people I want to reach?

How will you ensure that my brand’s voice and message are consistent everywhere?

How to find a digital marketing agency

First identify your goals and objectives for your digital marketing campaign. Once you know what you want to accomplish, you should do some research to find a reputable agency that has worked with businesses like yours before. 


Think about things like the agency’s track record, the expertise of their team, how they communicate and report, and how much they charge. Be sure to ask for case studies and references from past clients so you can get an idea of the quality of their work and how well they treat customers. 

In the end, you should choose an agency that you trust and feel comfortable working with, as they will be a key partner in helping you achieve your business goals through digital marketing.

What are the three qualities of a good digital marketing agency?

The agency has helped clients reach their goals in the past, and they can show you case studies and give you references.

The agency communicates clearly, gives regular updates and progress reports, and listens to and acts on client feedback and requests.

The agency wants to get results and is willing to change their strategies and tactics to get the best return on investment (ROI) from their campaigns.

What to Expect from a Digital Marketing agency?

When you work with a digital marketing agency, you can expect a team of experts to work closely with you to create and implement a digital marketing strategy that fits your business goals. 

The agency will typically begin by conducting an audit of your current digital marketing efforts. They’ll work on identifying areas for improvement, and creating a plan for how to achieve your goals. From there, the agency will put the plan into action by managing your various digital marketing channels, such as search engine optimization, social media, email marketing, and paid advertising. 

Throughout the process, the agency should keep you updated on progress and keep in touch with you so that you can make changes as needed. With the right digital marketing agency, you can expect to see improvements in your online presence, increased website traffic, more qualified leads, and, in the end, increased revenue for your business.